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Review of The "Laggy" Awards

I laugh just about every time Sharon Glassman opens her mouth. She knows how to write a conversational radio essay and does an even better job performing it. She's not trying to be funny. She just is. Also, she's not on a soapbox. Sharon knows how to give a perspective that resonates well with public radio listeners. In this case, indie and freelance workers (especially those who don't yet know about will identify with her dilemma -- chasing down payments. WFUV didn't produce this essay as we did others, but we will air it!

Comment for "The Few Who Stayed: Defying Genocide in Rwanda" (deleted)

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Review of The Few Who Stayed: Defying Genocide in Rwanda (deleted)

This is an important, hard-news documentary that fills in the blanks that may still exist for many of us regarding this horrible history. Rwandans and witnesses tell heart-breaking stories in their own words. Translations and sound are well-mixed. The tape is consistently compelling and moves well throughout the program. WFUV broadcasted it in tandem with our own locally produced pieces about witnesses in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the Kitty Genovese murder in NYC.