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Caption:   "I started thinking about effects pedals as being like a palette with different colors," Wilco guitarist Nels Cline says. , Credit: Diverse Images/UIG/Getty Images

Voices with the Music: A Brief History of Guitar Effects (05:14)
From: Allyson McCabe

Musicians, it seems, have always wanted to alter the sounds of their instruments. Over the course of centuries, strings have been added to guitars for a fuller sound. The ...
Caption: Emily Lazar, Mastering Engineer, Credit: Jim Sullos

The Woman Behind the Curtain, Making Good Songs Sound Great (06:25)
From: Allyson McCabe

Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar makes good songs sound great. She has worked on thousands of songs and albums, creating the final production masters for artists from Santana ...
Caption: Genya Ravan (left) and director Chris Henry on the set of Rock and Roll Refugee, a new off-Broadway play about Ravan's early life in music. , Credit: Shannon Rednour/Courtesy of the artist

Genya Ravan, 'Rock And Roll Refugee,' Has Stories To Fill Two Lifetimes (06:27)
From: Allyson McCabe

She came to this country as a refugee from post-war Europe; learned English listening to the radio; and before long, heard herself on it. She started her pop music career as ...
Caption: "In the metal community, there's a fascination with the tangible aspect of things," says Albert Mudrian, editor of metal magazine Decibel., Credit: Bruno Guerreiro /Courtesy of Decibel

It's Thin, It's Plastic, It's Back: Flexi Discs Find New Fans (05:59)
From: Allyson McCabe

In the digital era, brick-and-mortar record stores' stock in trade has increasingly become vinyl sales. But within that niche of an increasingly fragmented music industry, ...
Caption: Elvis Costello

FM Mutations with Allyson McCabe: "Radio, Radio: Elvis Costello Edition" (02:45:46)
From: Allyson McCabe

Special edition of my radio show, FM Mutations, inspired by Elvis Costello’s new memoir Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink. SET 1: I recreate Costello’s great playlists ...