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Comment for "Spooky Chills"

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Review of Spooky Chills

I love this piece! I have little experience in electronically composing music but I have a lot of interest in it. The sounds and pace of the song definitely remind me of Halloween. The song is very dramatic and makes me feel like I am caught in a chase scene in an old black and white movie.

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Rerview of Believing in Santa Claus

The piece was concise and enjoyable. The interviews of the children seemed to be very candid. As someone who has personally worked with kids for video projects I know how difficult it is to get a five year old to warm up to a microphone or camera. It was really funny to hear a little girl say “well if you just use logic…” This piece took an unexpected turn and became a little sad when I heard some of the reasons why kids stopped believing in Santa Clause, but it was valuable insight. For some people, Santa Clause is a huge staple in their childhood. After all there’s always the Easter Bunny.

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Reiew of Gender today, gender yesterday

Recently I cave become more acutely aware of the place gender roles play in society due to my women's studies class. Tommaso carefully articulates how family, society, and media influence us. We get to hear from many successful women about the subject. But unfortunately, other than Tommaso, we do not get a male perspective on the subject. With a hopeful conclusion, Tommaso encourages his audience to break out of their gender roles and stereotypes.

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Review of Voices of Youth Artists

My preconceived notion of this piece was that it was going to be about tennagers and their art. But to my pleasant surprise it was a bout children and their art. It seems a lot of times that art is about reverting to childhood.I can hear in the interviewee's voices that they are really passionate about art. Although the older voice that interviews the children could be a little clearer. The outdoor sounds in the intro and out-tro are a little distracting. I think this piece should have a longer running time, I want to hear more.

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Review of Social Network Vox Pop

This is a fun piece. The different voices with annotations in their speech keep me interested. They dont sound scripted or forced, there is even laughter in some of the voices. As a teen I use social networks for the same reasons given in the piece. And the lyrics to the song that fades in and out are very appropriate to the subject. Although this piece was beautifully produced and edited it didn't really go anywhere. It didn't delve much into an argument or relationship between the users and the site. There was only the message that teens like to use social networking sites.

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Review of East Coast Culture Shock

Diversity is a wonderful thing. I come from a small suburban town where there isn't too much of that. Its too bad that it took Nora until she went to college to realize that its not everywhere. This piece gets right to the point and supplies multiple examples of her frustration and shock. But I'm curious to know how much research Nora did on the school before attending, there are websites that allow you to narrow down school choices by selecting the type of diversity. I'm also curious to know weather or not Nora regrets attending Berkeley, she doesn't mention anything about the college being the wrong choice. I wish this piece was longer.

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Thats not makeup, but make believe.

Adriel's words are powerful, and recited in a powerful way. The poem provides exceptional imagery and metaphors. It was interesting to hear what a boy thinks and feels versus how he acts in a situation where he is attracted to another girl and it was amusing to have the female character so quickly reject. The message about valuing your roots and not comparing yourself to others comes across loud and clear. I think it is important for women especially teens to hear this message because the media is constantly telling them otherwise.

Comment for "Teens Who Tag"

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Graffiti vs street art

Trent doesn’t waste any time and gets right to the point: is graffiti vandalism or is it an art form? Like most arguments there is a double edged sword Living in the Boston area where there is a lot of graffiti, I can relate to a lot of the comments other students and teens made. You can tell that not every interview was held in a quiet room, but the quality range from each comment isn’t drastic enough to take away from the piece. Personally I agree that if thought is put into it then it can be viewed as a form of expression and not just a juvenile act against the law.
A friend recently made a short film about the same subject. The film raised a lot of controversial questions at the screening. Unfortunately, the video has not been posted to the internet because it contains footage of a teen tagging an area.

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Where does our electricity come from?

It’s clear that Antony put a lot of thought into his energy use and into this audio piece. It starts out with Antony speaking and then we get to know the whole family and get to hear the story from more than one point of view through a nice array of voices. But I wish there was more to this piece in association with exactly what he tries to do to use less energy? Including statistics and information about the energy crisis would improve this piece.

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Feeling is the driving force for music

This piece has some very powerful and interesting things to say about music but it needs more direction. The first half talks about an individual’s personal connection they listen to and the second is about how music is unlawfully downloaded and flaws in the music industry. While these both are important topics it feels like Max is trying to fit too much information into one piece. The sound mixing is is just right, with just a low hum fading in and out with Max’s humble voice. It is very hard to sum up what music means to ones self, and Max took on the big question with good thought and good emotion.

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work spot work!

These words are still ringing in my ears. It’s easy to get caught up in consumerism these days especially when watching television, reading a magazine, or any other form of media. Sergio clearly states the ugly truth: America’s culture benefits from the exploitation of others. Anyone can point out a problem but it takes leadership and dedication to come up with a solution. Yes, what is going on is unjust and inhumane, but what can I do? Sergio mentions several projects and organizations that can help reduce the amount of things we consume and waste we produce. I just wish there was more detail about them in the piece and in the description.
As a country and as individuals we need to address our lifestyle and think about how it affects other people. Recently I got together with a group of friends and we had a DIY party. Everyone arrived with art supplies and a project in mind.
Artist Josiah McElheney speaks of consumerism in a recent interview and how we are brainwashed into buying things. He concludes that we can as individuals create something.
Josiah McElheny interview
DIY blogs

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Cautionary toothbrushing

I found this piece by searching “youth produced pieces” and tagged the word “art”. How is a toothbrush related to art you ask? Because this piece is incredibly creative and original. It follows a conversation between two friends about how bad the others breath is. The dialects of the voice actors make it feel as though you are eavesdropping on a casual conversation. With the absence of background noise or music, the male voices in the piece are strong, dominant, and impossible to ignore. The producers of this piece have taken an ordinary and boring ritual (brushing your teeth) and turned it into a fun and enjoyable thing with a twist that you’ll never see coming. Personally, knowing the teens that produced this piece makes it all the more hilarious. This piece was made possible by the Fast Forward Program at the ICA. You can hear this piece along with other teen produced audio on zumix radio. Check for scheduling.