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Comment for "Living with Your High School Going Green"

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Go Green!

This piece is an eye opener for everyone. We should all follow this example. Everyone wants a clean, going green school. We should all recycle, pick up trash when we see it, and we will all have clean greener schools. This piece, short and sweet, to the point, was perfect the way it was made. Nothing more to say about going green, our next step is to follow Terrascope Radio's lead and make every school eco-friendly.

Comment for "WNR: Water Shortage in Iraq"

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Wet Heartache

In Iraq, the water troubles haven't been so terrible since the 70's and 90's. Even the Iraqi's know how important water is. If we can't access water, how can we survive? 80% of the world is covered in water, and although 97% is salt water, if we lose it all, we can't live on Earth. The droughts don't make life any easier and getting a little help from neighboring countries like Turkey and Syria would help Iraq out a lot. This piece was made very well. It had a lot of facts and informational interviews with the Iraqi's, which made the piece interesting. I would suggest some music in the background, however, so listeners will really tune in

Comment for "Water, Water Everywhere And Not a Drop to Drink"

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Water Troubles

Washington D.C.'s water has been impacted in a not so good way. Kids are on the streets and the Anacortes waters have been trashed. Water is a resource we cannot live without. If we damage our water systems, we will lose a precious resource we all use every day. The fact that the burden of this problem is on the D.C.'s residents is not a good thing. They need to work together and fix this problem so they can live with clean water supply. This was a well done piece. The music in the beginning was good and the reporter knew how to do the right kind of interview. Like he said, if we all work together with a system like debris traps, Washington D.C. can become a clean water state. Keep up the good work!

Comment for "Just Add Water: Life in Arizona"

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Parchedness in Arizona

The water drought in Arizona is a very big deal in the cities of Tucson and Phoenix. They get their water from wells and a reservoir, and through irrigation, but for the big cities, by the time the water reaches them, it’s very little. Everyone who lives there are a native because although the weather is brutal in the summer, it’s a very beautiful place to live otherwise. Arizona’s water combines with the Colorado River, which should make us grateful for having water, because with it being such a fragile resource, we should conserve as the people in Arizona do. They are grateful for the water they get and the rest of us seem to take advantage of it with how much we use each day. They don’t give any away to anyone because of limit that they have. Like the Indians who lost their river water because of heavy upstream damming, now their change of diet and culture will never be the same because the damage to their lifestyle has already been done. With how much water costs to be used, they can’t afford to get fresh water anywhere else, which should make the rest of us grateful for the resources we have. The effects in the piece were very well done. I liked the music in the beginning and the end. The song “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles was a nice touch as well. A very well done piece.Everyone can do a little thing like use just a little less water each day. We should save water, it will help the world in the future. Everyone must hear this piece. It is excellent.

Comment for "Water, A Universal Human Right"

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Global Water Effects

In this article, Dolna Smithback is researching the water usage between Boston, MA and Melbourne,Australia. It's amazing to hear how the Australians notice the lack of water the world has and are trying to conserve. They are really stepping up to the plate by suggesting different ideas to continue to keep our planet clean. Most of us in the U.S. seem to use the resources we have and take them for granted by never giving back. We have people come talk to us about saving the Planet Earth, but never seem to do anything about it. If we don't start acting soon, the resources we depend on for every day use will vanish and that's what Dolna was so impressed with in Australia, how dedicated they are to their surroundings. This piece has many great facts from the Australians and the music in the beginning and end really helps bring the piece alive with the emphasis of the topic. It's a very inspirational piece that we can all learn how to conserve water, a valuable resource that we use every day and can't live without

Comment for "Climate change in Shishmaref Alaska"

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Alaskan High Tides

This piece about the Shishmaref, Alaska climate change and how Alaska seems to be withering away into the ocean due to the dramatic weather patterns. The natives are fully aware of the change and believe that everyone should be just as aware about the fast pacing weather patterns. The dramatic changes have caused many homes to drown in the sea and many Alaskans have been left homeless. It's very life changing for the natives, but they have accepted the fate of reality and have been informing others of the water damages and how others can hopefully prevent the same tragidies. It's a very informative interview with many natives talking to keep listeners listening and from the interview, the natives sound like they are prepared for what lies ahead in this climate change disaster. These Alaskans have a heavy weight on their shoulders, but they are taking a leap into the ocean and becoming leaders. What an inspiring piece! Although I would add some music to emphasize the emotion and what the natives are saying. It would really draw the readers into the piece.