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Caption: Gill Hicks

Conversations 101: Gill Hicks (53:35)
From: Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler's conversation with Gill Hicks, survivor of the 2005 London Underground bombings.
Caption: Andrew Westoll

Conversations 102: Andrew Westoll (53:26)
From: Richard Fidler

A conversation with Andrew Westoll, who worked in a sanctuary for 'retired' chimpanzees: former pets, circus animals or subjects for medical research.
Caption: Ian Brown

Conversations 103: Ian Brown (53:26)
From: Richard Fidler

A conversation with journalist Ian Brown, author of 'The Boy in the Moon'. Ian Brown talks about life with his son Walker; born with an extremely rare genetic mutation that ...
Caption: Richard de Crespigny

Conversations 108: Richard de Crespigny (53:29)
From: Richard Fidler

A conversation with Richard de Crespigny, the pilot in command of flight QF 32 out of Singapore, when one of its engines exploded, crippling the flight systems and terrifying ...