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Caption: STACCATO LOGO , Credit: Judlyne A. Lilly

STACCATO (02:30)
From: Judlyne Lilly-Gibson

STACCATO is a weekly 2:30 feature covering events, trends and news in classical music.
Caption: From ArTunes, Credit: Pablo Helguera

Staccato Artunes (02:30)
From: Judlyne Lilly-Gibson

Artist Pablo Helguera laughs at the formality of the classical music community in his latest book of cartoons called ArTunes.
Caption: Better Nate Than Ever , Credit: Tim Federle

From: Judlyne Lilly-Gibson

Author Tim Federle has written a book for young readers about a 13 year old boy who sneaks away from home for the New York audition of ET-The Musical.
Caption: Cello Fortress Logo, Credit: Joost van Dongen

Staccato Cello Fortress (02:22)
From: Judlyne Lilly-Gibson

Cello Fortress us a video game with four players playing against a live Cellist improvising notes to defend the fortress.
Caption: National Back to Church

Back to Church Sunday (02:50)
From: Judlyne Lilly-Gibson

National Back to Church Sunday is an annual event that encourages people to either return to church or attend services for the first time.