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Recent Pieces from Helen Murphy-Robinson

Caption: Wade Wipperling

Wade: Blow from bale of hay (02:55)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Wade Wipperling tells how a stack of unstable bales of hay fell on his head, breaking his neck.
Caption: Victor Jensen

Victor: Bull Fatality (02:56)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Victor Jensen, tells about finding his dear friend face down in the bedding of a pasture…”the bull had gotten him”.
Caption: Chris Furrer

Chris: Tractor Rollover (02:47)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Chris Furrer [FUR] describes a frightening incident rolling over his tractor on their dairy farm.
Caption: Scott Furrer

Scott: Flywheel burn (01:39)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Scott Furrer [FUR], dairy farmer, describes how his son Chris got his hand caught between a flywheel and shield, burning off the top of his fingers.
Caption: Russell and Eric Zacharison

Russell and Eric: ATV Rollover (03:14)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Russell Zacharison tells the story of how he got pinned down by his ATV for eight hours out in his pasture.
Caption: Russell Zacharison

Russell: ATV Fatality (03:08)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Russell Zacharison, wheat farmer, recounts discovering his brother Walter crushed by his ATV.
Caption: Ron McHargue with son Mike McHargue

Ron: Ladder fall from grain tank (02:35)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Ron McHargue [mic-KAR-guh'] describes to son Mike his fall from a ladder on a metal grain tank
Caption: Gloria Edwards with granddaughter Eryn

Gloria: Fall in Manure Pit (02:17)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Gloria Edwards tells how her child fell into their dairy farm manure pit while playing.
Caption: Diana Hansen and her daughter Tanya Mitchell

Diana: Combine Amputation (02:01)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Diana Hansen, wheat farmer, recounts losing her arm, relearning to do everything and refusing to be a victim.
Caption: Brett Schrom with his sister Neesha Schrom

Brett: Harobed Rollover (05:26)
From: Helen Murphy-Robinson

Brett Schrom [sh'-RAHM], a hay grower/beef producer, describes to his sister Neesha how his harobed threw him off.