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Recent Pieces from Makele White

Caption: Makele and Her Dad

My Family, Foreclosed. (09:33)
From: City High Radio

When you're a teenager, it's hard to understand how "the economy" has anything to do with your life. But when Makele's dad lost his job and their home was foreclosed on, it ...
Caption: Teenager, Skye, enjoys a good book at a local book store., Credit: Sydney Cisco

What is the Most Influential Book You Have Ever Read? (02:59)
From: City High Radio

In this short and simple vox-pop, high school senior Makele White and sophomore Lauren Washington ask teenagers, "What is the most influential book you ever read?" The ...
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AWKward...! (01:57)
From: City High Radio

City High School junior Makele asks people, what makes something awkward? What IS awkward? And the answers she gets are, well, kind of awkward. This story is very short and ...