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Recent Pieces from Paul McCarthy

Caption: Bertie Pearson, Credit: Rama Hughes

What's What: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning? (46:31)
From: Paul McCarthy

Bertie Pearson is an Episcopal priest in San Francisco. Before becoming a priest, he led two lives: one as a churchgoer, one as a rocker. So he wanted to talk about why ...
Caption: Tricia Rose, Credit: Rama Hughes

What's What: Post-Racial America? (38:28)
From: Paul McCarthy

In this conversation, Juanita Brown wanted to go beyond the hype that President Obama's election marked "the end of history" in American race relations. How are Black and ...
Caption: Ashley Bryan, Credit: Rama Hughes

What's What: What is Poetry? (44:14)
From: Paul McCarthy

Perhaps Rick Benjamin was nominated to host the show because he has just has this unmistakable GLOW...perhaps it's because of the way this energy is embodied in his love of ...
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What's What Radio: Go Out and Play (35:25)
From: Paul McCarthy

Why is the parenting phrase "go out and play, kids!" becoming endangered? Meredith Grimm wanted to ask how parents avoid both hovering and neglect -- and figure out if ...