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Caption: Carrboro High School English teacher Mackensie Malkemes and junior Ryley McGinnis, Credit: Timothy Leow

'You're The Reason I Started Doing Performance Poetry' (04:00)
From: Will Michaels

Ryley McGinnis was shy and hadn't thought much about performance poetry when she entered Mackensie Malkemes' English class at Carrboro High School, but a year later, Ryley ...
Caption: Riverside High School senior Cameron McNeill and math teacher/school paper adviser Steven Unruhe, Credit: Deirdre Logan

'The McNeills Will Miss You. You've Always Been Everybody's Favorite Teacher' (04:00)
From: Will Michaels

Cameron McNeill is a senior at Riverside High School in Durham, where Steven Unruhe teaches math and advises students who write for the school paper. Cameron and his three ...
Caption: Northern High School sophomore Christina Dixon and Erica Walker Joynes

'I Met You And Everything Changed' (04:00)
From: Will Michaels

Northern High School sophomore Christina Dixon entered Erica Walker-Joynes' exceptional children's class last year because she was deemed to be at risk for dropping out when ...