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Recent Pieces from Tim Lloyd

Caption: City Seeds Program Director Annie Mayrose sits cross-legged between curvy raised beds loaded with potato plants. The 2 ½ acre plot is a standout among burgeoning nationwide efforts to create local food systems that address social problems., Credit: Tim Lloyd / Harvest Public Media

Part Two: Social connections in the urban soil (04:50)
From: Harvest Public Media Group

As local food systems evolve, social service agencies are uncovering surprising community benefits in the trend ¬– particularly in some urban centers across the US. In parts ...
Caption: Drought has affected wheat growth throughout western Kansas. Some farmers are facing reduced yields, while others are being forced to scrap their harvest all-together. The conditions have resulted in an earlier than usual wheat harvest. , Credit:  Photo by Eric Durban / Harvest Public Media

Climate uncertainty could cost taxpayers more (03:27)
From: Harvest Public Media Group

Global warming? More like global weirding. Historic floods and drought conditions are happening at the same time, setting this up to be a rough year for farmers. If that ...