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Caption: Commander David McKinney, a spokesman for the U.S. Naval Academy, stands alongside a sinkhole on the Severn River waterfront, where the Academy plans to build a new seawall to better withstand flooding., Credit: Jay Price/American Homefront
The Government Accountability Office says the military isn't doing enough to deal with the effects of climate change, after more than $9 billion in...

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Caption: Therapist Keith Smith demonstrates virtual reality equipment at the University of Central Florida. Smith uses virtual reality to help treat veterans' post traumatic stress disorder., Credit: Stephanie Colombini / American Homefront
The University of Central Florida is using virtual reality to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. It's worked well enough that the Pentagon will ...

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Caption: Album art for 75th Anniv, Credit: Michael Uhlenkott/Unknown
80 years ago, Orson Welles really did scare the pants off the nation with his radio broadcast "War of the Worlds." This is the backstory, from docu...

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Science writer Mary Roach talks with author and actor Benjamin Busch.

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Caption: Midshipmen from the Naval Academy depart the USS Higgins after a recent training exercise., Credit: Steve Walsh/American Homefront
The Navy is rolling out its latest plan to manage wildlife in its ocean training grounds from Southern California to Hawaii. But environmentalists ...

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HOUR ONE: "Healing Trauma" - Most of us will go through something traumatic in our lives. This hour, what researchers are discovering to help peopl...

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Caption: David Chandler at KBOO
David Chandler on 9/11 Speak Out and the Physics of 9/11

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Caption: On Defense, Credit: Seth Shostak
The military is a dangerous calling, but researchers are trying to make it safer for troops. Writer Mary Roach investigates how scientists work to...

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Caption: Dr. Abdelwahhab Azzawi, Credit: Courtesy of Abdelwahhab Azzawi
A profile of Syrian opthamologist, activist and poet Abdelwahhab Azzawi. He escaped two war zones and made it to freedom in Germany. But there are ...

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  • Length: 13:23
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HOUR ONE: "Why We War" - Syria. Iraq. Afghanistan. Nigeria. South Sudan. Gaza. Yemen. The world is at war. Why? HOUR TWO: "Healing Trauma" - Most...

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Caption: Timely, in-depth, progressive analysis since 1991
This week's summary of under-reported news followed by these interviews: Trump's Syria Missile Strike: Symbolic Show of Force or Prelude to Wider U...

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Caption: Emile Bruneau
We talk with two experts about how advances in the field of neuroscience may transform conflict resolution on an individual and global scale.

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We talk with two experts about how advances in the field of neuroscience may transform conflict resolution on an individual and global scale.

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Nathan Hale regrets he has only one life to lose for his country, and the fourth blood moon is about to appear...

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Today, Dr. Gary Slutkin's effort to treat violence like an infectious disease and a conversation with former U.S. intelligence officer Ray McGovern...

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Dr VootYin survived the Cambodian genocide as a child and has gone on to become a leading scientist in the field of cardiac regeneration.

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Caption: Gas mask exercise, Scott Field, Illinois.1942. , Credit: Library of Congress
Chemical weapons have played a chilling role in human history ever since World War I. As accounts of recent uses permeate the news, we decided to f...

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Phyllis Tickle on science, faith, and The Great Emergence; Katy Scrogin on Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War.

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Caption: Real Heroes comic book from 1942
How do you show what the inside of an atom looks like? Or how a scientist feels in the moment of discovery? We decided to approach the human storie...

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Caption: PTSD book cover, Credit: Lexington Books
This is a continuation of a conversation with sociologist Jerry Lembcke. His book, -PTSD: Diagnosis and Identity in Post-empire America.

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Host Ed Ayers talks with psychotherapist Edward Tick about the history of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

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Some architects say there are just some buildings that should never have been built: buildings that violate human rights by design.

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News and features on global conflict.

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Caption: A relic of the infamous space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. , Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
During decades of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union over the course of the Cold War, both sides wielded science as a weapon. F...

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