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Caption: Becoming Wise, Credit: On Being Studios
Naturalist Terry Tempest Williams brings meaning and direction to the grief around ecological loss and climate change. She's a self-described "citi...

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Caption: Common Fangtooth (Anoplogaster cornuta), Credit: Paul Caiger
Tanner Robbins reports on the Ocean Twilight Zone and the scientists studying it.

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Caption: L-R: Andrew Revkin, Elizabeth Kolbert, David Roberts
Science and environmental reporter Andrew Revkin has been writing about climate change since the 1980s, including 21 years for The New York Times. ...

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Oceanographer Sylvia Earle was the first person to walk solo on the bottom of the sea, under a quarter mile of water. She has watched humanity’s en...

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The story of two explorers chased down—well, technically up—by a jaguar.

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Caption: Melissa Zirkle with a picture of Jermaine, Credit: Elizabeth Miller
Melissa Zirkle grew up near Lake Erie, but didn't learn about the dangerous currents in the Great Lakes. She lost her son to a powerful current in...

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Caption: A bear in Yellowstone National Park in April 2013, Credit: . Jim Peaco, National Park Service
For some bears, weird spring weather was a wake-up call. For humans, not so much.

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  • Length: 08:47
Caption: Fukushima Survivor, Kenichi Hasegawa, Credit: Greenpeace
March 11 marks three years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster. It might be more accurate to say it marks three years since the start of this ongo...

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Art and science meet at the crossroads in this program focused on climate change, sustainability, and the future of our planet and ourselves. This...

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Art and science meet at the crossroads in this program focused on climate change, sustainability, and the future of our planet and ourselves. The ...

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  • Length: 22:54
Caption: Gordon Howard in conversation with a Blue Jay, Credit: Gerald Zahavi
A profile of two master bird banders (and their trainees) who converge every May on the Crown Point State Historic site along the shores of Lake Ch...

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  • Added: May 29, 2013
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Greg Auger's life was forever changed when he met the bat researching legend Don Griffin. This is the story of the two men, a pond, and what happen...

  • Added: Dec 06, 2012
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Following one day in the life of Maine's Black Bear Monitoring Team, which braves bear dens in order to count the number of new-born cubs.

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Caption: Sex poster at Natural History Museum, Credit: Andy Duckworth
WARNING: contains frank details about animal sex... please listen and approve before broadcasting. We reveal nature's most bizarre and intimate se...

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Experience the largest bird migrations in the world

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A piece about preserving prairie.

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  • Length: 10:39
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John Latimer shares his observations of the change of nature in our lives

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Caption: The Learning Barge, Credit: Phoebe Crisman, UVa
The world’s first floating wetlands classroom comes to the aid of one of the country's most polluted waterways.

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A fun show about things in the wild up north

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Ornithologist MIYOKO CHU discusses her bestselling book "Songbird Journeys: Four Seasons in the Lives of Migratory Birds"

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  • Length: 27:00
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Dr. Sandra Steingraber discusses her personal journey from cancer survivor to an investigation of cancer and the enviornment which resulted in her ...

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Climate change is displacing a thousand-year-old community.

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