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Caption: White Nose Fungus growing on the wing go a Northern Long Eared Bat , Credit: Rebecca Nolan
Scientists on Martha's vineyard investigate how to save bats from the deadly White Nose Fungus, which has been killing bats across North America.

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And how California’s car emission standards continue to influence the rest of the country.

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Caption: Peter Lent in Oatka Creek , Credit: Caitlin Whyte, WXXI
A look at citizen science, through a project in western New York.

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The stuff in Scotchguard and Teflon coatings is poisoning water supplies and never goes away It's even been found in animals on the North Pole! Wit...

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Caption: Midshipmen from the Naval Academy depart the USS Higgins after a recent training exercise., Credit: Steve Walsh/American Homefront
The Navy is rolling out its latest plan to manage wildlife in its ocean training grounds from Southern California to Hawaii. But environmentalists ...

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Caption: The effects of erosion in Euclid, Ohio, Credit: Elizabeth Miller/ideastream
Great Lakes water levels are high right now – Lake Erie’s are two feet above average, which threatens coastal properties from Ashtabula to Toledo. ...

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Caption: Rita McNamara is concerned about plan for landfill near her home., Credit: Morgan Springer
In northern Michigan, people who live near a landfill have been dealing with contaminated drinking water for decades. A new plan for the landfill m...

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Caption: Dave Hurlburt of teh BayCreek Paddling Center, Credit: Caitlin Whyte
Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to clean up the Great Lakes each year. And a federal law targets some of the most contaminated areas, tho...

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Caption: Different species of algae await testing in the ongoing fight against harmful algal blooms, Credit: Veronica Volk, Great Lakes Today
In the Great Lakes region, toxic algae blooms are a big problem. Every summer, they leave a green sheen on parts of the Great Lakes – and on many s...

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Caption: by ANGELICA A. MORRISON / Victor Small, 7, (center)  speaks with RN Julie Cicero about his asthma., Credit: by ANGELICA A. MORRISON
Air pollution contributes to high asthma rates in many U.S. cities. And a recent study showed that blacks and Latinos are exposed to a lot more of ...

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Caption: Drug Take Back Program / US Drug Enfocement Administration, Credit: PHOTO SOURCE: US Drug Enfocement Administration
As America confronts the opioid crisis, environmental scientists are warning about a related problem. Chemicals from pain-killers and other drugs o...

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Caption: White fuzz on branches harbors the destructive hemlock woolly adelgid., Credit: Caitlin Whyte
The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. But the insect is causing a lot of damage to hemlock trees and their sur...

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Caption: A lawn that once stretched to the iron gate has ben eroded by high waters., Credit: Caitlin Whyte
As winter nears, residents along Lake Ontario are shoring up walls of sandbags for protection against high waves. Caitlin Whyte of WXXI reports for...

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Caption: A photo captured by Ansari 9-24, Credit: Dr. Rafat Ansari
Algae blooms continue to color western Lake Erie a deep green. Now researchers and scientists want to know more about toxins produced by the algae....

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Caption: Scott McNaught and Emily Wimmer with graduate students, Credit: Central Michigan University
The bloody red shrimp came to the Great Lakes around 2006 in the ballast water of cargo ships. Now, scientists are running tests to determine wheth...

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Caption: A slide with slices of otoliths is ready for examination, Credit: A slide with slices of otoliths is ready for examination
Asian carp are a big threat to the Great Lakes. After one was found recently beyond an electric barrier, environmentalists and officials worried th...

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Caption: The Admiral shipwreck, Credit: Marc Duncan
There’s more than just fish and sand in the Great Lakes – there are thousands of ships, airplanes, and other vehicles under the water. A story on ...

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Caption: by ANGELICA A. MORRISON / USFWS biologists prepare to examine a lake sturgeon, Credit: by ANGELICA A. MORRISON / USFWS biologists prepare to examine a lake sturgeon
NOTE: EMBARGOED UNTIL MONDAY, JUNE 12 Biologists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have been using federal funding to monitor the health of ...

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Caption: An eagle necropsy at the N.Y. Department of Environmental Conservation, Credit: Jim Levulis
The comeback of the American bald eagle is a success story shared by many states across the Great Lakes region and keeping them safe has become a h...

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The Great Lakes are so big that they can act just like an ocean -- with punishing waves that erode the shore. And with Lake Ontario 20 inches highe...

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Caption: Adam Kirian feeds livestock at his farm in Hancock County, Credit: Elizabeth Miller/ideastream
Algae blooms in western Lake Erie can contaminate drinking water in nearby cities. That happened as recently as 2014, when Toledo residents could n...

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Caption: Drill searches for spread of chemicals, Credit: Ben Thorp
Residents near an abandoned Air Force base in Michigan are worried about an unseen invader. Toxic chemicals from the base have contaminated wells i...

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The United States and Canada are moving to ban microbeads -- the tiny plastic bits in toothpaste and facewash that are big water polluters. Now sci...

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Caption: Lake Erie, Credit: Elizabeth Miller
Great Lakes Today looks back at 2016's biggest stories.

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Caption: NEW YORK POWER AUTHORITY PHOTO / Ice boom installation 2015, Credit: NEW YORK POWER AUTHORITY PHOTO / Ice boom installation 2015
As ice forms on Lake Erie, it creates problems for the huge power plants downstream. To keep electricity flowing to millions of residents in the No...

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