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Caption: College student using Tinder as a way to keep busy during the day., Credit: © 2018 Morgan Trau
"Hookup culture" is seen as just a part of society for college students. But could dating apps be what is harming relationships? Click play to hear...

  • Added: Apr 11, 2018
  • Length: 04:04
Caption: Host Martha Burk
According to the latest statistics available, one teen or child is killed with a gun every 3 hours 15 minutes, many by their peers. It's time for ...

  • Added: Jan 22, 2014
  • Length: 02:30
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An hour-long radio documentary examining sexual assault on high school-aged girls in Indiana, featuring stories of sexual assault survivors, as wel...

  • Added: Mar 07, 2013
  • Length: 53:59
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Cristel Martinez came to America from the Dominican Republic with a dream to become a music producer. But the only music she hears in school, says ...

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  • Added: Jul 10, 2011
  • Length: 05:02
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Like a lot of high school seniors, Mayra Jimenez is weighing her options after graduation, and hoping to be college bound but not broke.

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  • Added: Jun 02, 2009
  • Length: 02:42
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Interview with a single mom of two developmentally and physically challenged daughters on her struggles with the medical profession and the Childre...

  • Added: Mar 12, 2009
  • Length: 11:27
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The newest, hottest idea in school reform seems to be paying students to learn. Is it a good idea, or a way to avoid tackling the tough issues? We ...

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  • Added: Jul 30, 2008
  • Length: 06:56
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Youth Radio chronicles life in Oakland, California, where an alarming number of youth homicides has weighed heavily on the community.

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  • Added: Oct 07, 2003
  • Length: 05:45
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