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Caption: Margo Robbins gathering hazel sticks
On the second episode of California Burning, Matt visits the Yurok Reservation in Northern California to visit Margo Robbins, President of the Cult...

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Our house was always getting raided because it was a drop-off point for the supply route that was going into Wounded Knee.

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Caption: Chickahominy Pow Wow
Although American Indians in Virginia now enjoy both state and federal recognition--that came fairly recently. For many years American Indians didn...

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Caption: Ida Valley, Credit: Charles McGuigan
It all started with the red wolves who now live, for the most part, in eastern North Carolina at Alligator River. These wolves had once numbered in...

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Caption: Katrina Powell, Credit: Charles McGuigan
Just as the red wolves were dispossessed of their homes so too were the people who had inhabited the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia for many gene...

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Please join us for a rare journey through poetry and conversation with the Monacan Nation of Virginia regarding first contact, the birth of our nat...

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Caption: Paul Bunyan in Bemidji, MN
Predominantly white towns that border large American Indian reservations can be racially charged places. It is difficult for residents to face the ...

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How did we go from more than 50 million wild bison to just 23 free-roaming animals? And how does the decimation of the herds relate to the oppressi...

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Documentary of the water protectors standing with the Standing Rock Sioux in protest of the North Dakota Access Pipeline in Cannon Ball, ND mid-Sep...

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Caption: Myles Standish reenactor
There’s a recent trend to question historical icons with complicated histories—Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, and of course the confederate flag. ...

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Caption: Chitimacha basket maker Clara Darden, ca. 1900, Credit: MCILHENNY COMPANY ARCHIVES, AVERY ISLAND, LA
Laine Kaplan-Levenson returns with a story of how the family behind the famous Tabasco brand and a Native American tribe came together, over baskets.

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:30 Promo for the full length program

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Caption: Image of the St. Malo Maroon community from an 1883 edition of Harper's Weekly., Credit: THE HISTORIC NEW ORLEANS COLLECTION
This episode of TriPod: New Orleans at 300 looks at runaway slaves known as maroons.

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Caption: Chief Gene
In Virginia, there are eight Indian tribes, some several thousand people in all. Yet the United States doesn’t believe they exist. The seeds of thi...

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Part One of Rivers That Were, Working Water, compares two environmental crises. On the Colorado River Basin, it’s the ongoing effort to restore the...

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Caption: Jean Bruce Scott and Randy Reinholz, co-founders of Native Voices, Credit: Two Maverix Multimedia, LLC
A conversation with Jean Bruce Scott and Randy Reinholz, co-founders of America's leading Native American theatre company, Native Voices.

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For Thanksgiving, a Native American story… but not the one you’re imagining. No Pilgrims here. For the Lumbee Indians in North Carolina, the holida...

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Caption: Chickahominy Assistant Chief Gene Adkins.
There are eleven tribes of Indians who call Virginia home, among them the Chickahominy. And though they all now enjoy state recognition, the federa...

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Caption: Anita, Summer, and Vida wearing Jingle Dresses
Anita Fineday is an Ojibwe Indian from the White Earth reservation in Minnesota. “Blood Quantum” is about how Anita reclaimed her Indian heritage a...

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Elaine talks about newspaper articles with emphasis on tree cutting.

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Elaine talks about the assimilation era.

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Elaine talks about the reservation and treaty making era.

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Elaine talks about women's stories,

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