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This program is a "newsical" look at how "the holidays" affect our daily lives, our media...even journalism....told thru narration, music and actua...

  • Added: Dec 01, 2011
  • Length: 58:13
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A program of Christmas music as played in the jazz tradition by your favorite jazz artists (Dexter Gordon, Roy Hargrove, Oscar Peterson, Bobby Wats...

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  • Added: Nov 28, 2011
  • Length: 01:59:14
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Caption: Soul Christmas (1968), Credit: Atco Records
SOUL CHRISTMAS! Here are some of the greatest Soul and R&B holiday winter classics ever recorded. Today on this show you will hear Christmas tunes...

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  • Added: Nov 19, 2011
  • Length: 55:39
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Caption: Various Artists: Jingle Bell Jazz (1962), Credit: Columbia Records
Ho Ho Ho! Start out your holiday with fun Christmas Jazz Classics. They are all here in one solid hour. This musical holiday program includes: "Win...

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  • Added: Nov 04, 2011
  • Length: 53:59
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Holidays Moonwalk is the new release by Golden Boy (Fospassin) the ultimate songwriter for the 21st century.Are you ready for holidays?

  • Added: Nov 02, 2011
  • Length: 03:52
Caption: Black Madonna, Credit: Kabuya Pamela Bowens
From Peabody Award Winning Producer Jim Luce, A spiritual celebration of Christmas with jazz pianist Geri Allen and her new recording, A Child is B...

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  • Added: Nov 01, 2011
  • Length: 59:00
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Caption: ALT 50S CHRISTMAS: Satire, Rarities, Oddities, the music of the Cold War Christmas
Sure, Christmas in the 1950s was the stomping ground for Rudolph and Frosty. But underneath the marshmallow world of perfect conformity was anothe...

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  • Added: Oct 01, 2011
  • Length: 58:54
  • Purchases: 26
Caption: Boom, Credit: Camera Slayer/ Flickr
We review our Top Ten patriotic songs, from Kate Smith to James Brown.

  • Added: Jun 27, 2011
  • Length: 03:43
Caption: My grandmother as an infant, Credit: Family collection
When Afi Scruggs digitized an interview with her late grandmother, she recalled truism about technology: every time a format changes, important inf...

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  • Added: May 26, 2011
  • Length: 02:12
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Caption: Audrey, John and Paul Ingles
[NOTE: Although this version may be broadcast, there are no breaks in it and is primarily intended for online listening. The 59:00 and 54:00 versi...

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  • Added: May 16, 2011
  • Length: 01:17:45
  • Purchases: 1
Caption: Audrey Ingles, John Ingles Sr., Paul Ingles
Radio producer Paul Ingles sits down with his WW II veteran Dad to hear about the music his father feels has been essential to his appreciation of ...

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  • Added: May 13, 2011
  • Length: 58:51
  • Purchases: 40
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This week on The Score with Edmund Stone, A Mother’s Love, music from films about Mothers and motherhood.

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  • Added: May 03, 2011
  • Length: 59:00
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Caption: Kareem Salama
Born to Egyptian immigrants and raised in Ponca City, OK Kareem Salama drove a pickup truck to high school; wore a black hat and bolo tie; and drea...

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  • Added: Apr 25, 2011
  • Length: 05:37
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Caption: Kareem Salama
Born and raised in Ponca City, OK to Egyptian parents Kareem Salama had one dream to become a country and western singing star. If you've ever won...

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  • Added: Apr 20, 2011
  • Length: 03:03
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This week on The Score with Edmund Stone, music from Biblical Blockbusters.

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  • Added: Apr 19, 2011
  • Length: 59:00
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Prime Time Radio's National Cathedral's Carillon Christmas Special, this week on Prime Time Radio.

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  • Added: Mar 02, 2011
  • Length: 01:02:03
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Last week Live From Studio 10 wasn't exactly live... But as a New Year special we aired a whole bunch of exclusive tracks our past guests have reco...

  • Added: Feb 11, 2011
  • Length: 39:11
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Yuletide Blues!

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  • Added: Dec 18, 2010
  • Length: 59:01
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Vermont Public Radio's Cheryl Willoughby presents “Northern Lights,” a singing and dancing celebration to welcome the solstice and coming of the ne...

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  • Added: Dec 17, 2010
  • Length: 58:58
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It's time to rock around the Christmas tree.

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  • Added: Dec 07, 2010
  • Length: 28:57
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This week on The Score with Edmund Stone, Home for the Holidays, celebrating some of the best musical moments from seasonal movies.

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  • Added: Dec 06, 2010
  • Length: 59:00
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An hour-long program of classic jazz. Come along for a jzz sleigh ride with music from Shirley Horn, Paul Bley, Duke Ellington, and more...

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  • Added: Dec 06, 2010
  • Length: 59:02
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James Kaplan has a fresh take on the life of Frank Sinatra, the iconic—maybe the greatest—performing artist of the American Century, with more and ...

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  • Added: Dec 02, 2010
  • Length: 58:59
  • Purchases: 6
Caption: The King's Singers, Credit: Marco Borgreve
It’s hard to point to just one reason behind the artistic success of the King’s Singers, but their approach to Christmas music is a fine place to s...

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  • Added: Nov 29, 2010
  • Length: :23
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