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Benefits can be hard to come by in the music business. So where do people turn in emergencies? In 1989 the Recording Academy created the MusiCares ...

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Caption: Mike Notter of the Seattle bands Motopony and Hannalee cleans windows for a living, Credit: Joshua McNichols / Day Job
Mike Notter (currently with the bands Motopony and Hannalee) used to be in a band with a bunch of other window washers (Shim). Back then, cleaning ...

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Caption: The railworker's motel-on-wheels Camp Car is on the siding
From mining to manufacturing, housework to ranching, hear the factual history and realities of American labor, wages, employment, progress, quitti...

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Caption: Phil w/2012 Zeitfunk, Credit: Karen Van Norman
We begin this show playing recent bluegrass. The Gem of Bluegrass takes a look at bluegrass music and social class, and the Gem sets the tone for t...

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Caption: Phil w/2012 Zeitfunk, Credit: Karen Van norman
American ethos is that we’re all equal. We’re all middle class. But we know that there’s them’s that’s got. And them’s that not. In the old folk mu...

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Caption: Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Cooper - Violinmaker and fiddle player (Portland, ME)

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Caption: OPhil at work, Credit: Sejan Yun
The old bluegrass comes from people who did hard, manual labor such as mining coal and farming. In bluegrass songs you hear about the danger of the...

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John Berquist of Eveleth has been telling stories and performing traditional music of Scandanavian-Americans for almost 40 years. Here’s a story fr...

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Caption: Linn Roath at work, Credit: Michael Lee
This is an audio portrait of piano tuner Linn Roath.

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Day Job is a look at how (Seattle) musicians pay the rent.

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The musicians Union will organize a march on Aug. 26 to address many of the issues facing working musicians in New Orleans

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