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Like a Rolling Stone: The Music of Bob Dylan

Veteran rock critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis debunk the myths and debate the highs and lows of Dylan's most-well known and prolific period. From Sound Opinions.



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Journey's End: The Memories and Traditions of Daisy Turner and Her Family

100-year-old Daisy Turner tells her's family story, from a shipwreck off Africa, to slavery on a Virginia plantation, and freedom on a Vermont farm. By the Vermont Folklife Center.



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The Future of the Planet

Jared Diamond, Vandana Shiva, Michael Pollan, Bill McKibben, and others talk about the future of food on our planet. Produced by Lydon McGrath Productions.



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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

The true, timeless story of the ever-shifting lines between governance and oppression, political action and violence. By Quicksilver Radio Theater.



Radio Diaries

Radio Diaries help people share their stories — and their lives — in their own words, creating intimate, timeless documentaries.

Prison Diaries
The Contenders: Portraits of Some of America's Most Original Presidential Candidates
Thembi's AIDS Diary: A Year in the Life of a South African Teenager
Teenage Diaries
Mandela: An Audio History
New York Works: Audio Portraits of a Vanishing City
My So-Called Lungs
Mexico '68: A Movement, a Massacre, and the 40-Year Search for Truth



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Prisoners of War: A Story of Four American Soldiers

Soldiers talk about life in German prison camps after their capture at the Battle of the Bulge, and the life-changing effects of this experience. By the Vermont Folklife Center.




Award-winning radio producer Richard Paul brings in-depth, sound-rich explorations of America's past and present, culture, and experience.

Washington Goes to the Moon
We Were On Duty
A Small Southern Town: The Nation's Capital in Slave Times
Gut Reaction
Race and the Space Race
Rocket Girls and Astronettes
Rocketing Ahead
Shakespeare Becomes American
Shakespeare is a Black Woman: Shakespeare in American Politics
The Father of the Man in America: Shakespeare in American Social Life
Sing to the Glory of God
With God On Our Side



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A Christmas Carol (A Ghost Story of Christmas)

The Christmas classic of scrooges and ghosts, based on Charles Dickens' novella. By Quicksilver Radio Theater.



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Frankenstein: Modern Prometheus

If you've only seen the movies, you do NOT know this tale of love, of death... and of obsession. By Quicksilver Radio Theater.



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Global Culture

A musical journey with cellist and man-of-the-world Yo Yo Ma. Produced by Lydon McGrath Productions.