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Caption: Betty Peters, known as Mama Betty, shuttles jail visitors along the last mile of the journey. , Credit: George Lavender
Thousands of Los Angeles County prisoners are housed in Pitchess Detention center. For visitors, the journey to the jail can take all day. The clos...

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As I considered making a show to serve as a kind of year in review, I first thought to choose my favorite program from each month of the year, 12 s...

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Caption: Artwork by Richard Creps
Richard learns the value of a liberal education at the College of Wooster, where the study of science and religion are complementary. During Easter...

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U.S. Army Civil Affairs is tasked with compensating Iraqis for accedential death and destruction.

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Veterans and PTSD

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Preventing Youth Suicide

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"A Danger to Self or Others" documents everyday life inside the Chicago Cook County Jail's Mental Health Division - the largest provider of mental ...

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A trapeze star of the 1920s, his present-day counterpart and a colorful supporting cast reveal the heartbreak and gritty reality behind the tinsel:...

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