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Caption: Cornet Red Nichols
Musicians were known to violate their recordings contracts fairly regularly in the 1920s. It’s the old story that the talent was underpaid. So, it ...

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Caption: Suffragette
As The Jazz Age roared to like in the 1920s so did the suffragette movement. In 1918 women were granted voting rights, and they took that to mean i...

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Caption: Eddie Bond, Credit: Pat Jarrett
Old-time fiddler and 2018 National heritage Fellow Eddie Bond talks about taking the music across the country and throughout the world

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  • Length: 25:11
Caption: Eddie Bond, Credit: Susi Lawson Photography
Old-time fiddler and National Heritage Fellow Eddie Bond talks about the music he plays and the folks who taught him.

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  • Length: 26:23
Caption: IAJRC Volume II
Fifty years ago the International Association of Jazz Record Collectors began publishing the Journal devoted to early jazz.

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Caption: Don and Cindy Roy, Credit: Molly Haley
French-American music is thriving in Maine and Don and Cindy Roy have a lot to do with that!

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Caption: Lotus 2015, tUnE-yArDs, , Credit: Steve Cox
The Lotus World Music and Arts Festival may be global but it has deep roots in Bloomington, Indiana.

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Caption: Malcolm J. Merriweather
Conductor and singer Malcolm J. Merriweather: a young maestro extends a classical tradition.

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  • Length: 28:30
Caption: Todd Barkan, Credit: Shannon Finney
It's a jazzy show as impressario Todd Barkan remembers his life with the music and musicians.

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  • Length: 34:01
Caption: Artemio Posadas, Credit:  Maria Virginia Prieto Solis
National Heritage Fellow Artemio Posadas has devoted his life to keeping the Mexican musical tradition of son huasteco vibrant. We learn about Pos...

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Caption: Jack Teagarden
Jack Teagarden and Pee Wee Russell: They each approached their music very differently. At the same time, that’s what made them similar.

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Piece image
This time we profile Floyd Jones, a serious and thoughtful songwriter, who was in the studio for Chess Records in 1951.

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  • Length: 03:29
Piece image
This time we profile guitarist Big Joe Williams and harmonica ace John Lee “Sonny Boy” Williamson, who last recorded together, this week in 1947.

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  • Length: 03:29
Piece image
This time we profile Robert Johnson, who made his recording debut the week of Thanksgiving, 1936.

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This time we profile Big Maceo, who recorded his “magnum opus” — the barnstorming instrumental “Chicago Breakdown” — this week in 1945.

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This time, we profile the Memphis Jug Band, whose 1929 recording, “K.C. Moan,” was one of the 84 selections on the “Anthology of American Folk Music.”

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Piece image
This time, we profile Sid Hemphill, who was recorded by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress, this week in 1942.

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Caption: BLUE VIOLA with  Alicia Olatuja as Viola  , Credit:  C Stanley Photography
Urban Arias creates and presents contemporary opera for contemporary audiences.

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Caption: Dessa, Credit: Bill Phelps
Rapper Dessa explores her broken heart at the intersection of science and music

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Caption: Lillian Armstrong
This program is devoted to the creative composers, vocalists and musicians who were so important in the early years of jazz.

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Caption: Bryan Akipa, Credit: Tom Pich
2016 National Heritage Fellow and Dakota flute player and maker Bryan Akipa is reinvigorating a First Nation musical tradition.

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Caption: Thomas Maupin, Credit: Gary Hamilton
2017 National Heritage Fellow buck dancer Thomas Maupin lets his feet do the talking.

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Caption: Sonny Rollins, Credit: John Abbott
It's Sonny Rollins 87th birthday and he sat down with the NEA's Josephine Reed to talk about his life in music.

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Caption: Theodore Roach
To whom do we give the title, "Origin of the Blues"? No one truly knows, but there a several geographical locations that have dibs. Does it matter?

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Caption: Phil Wiggins, Credit: Bibiana Huang Matheis
2017 National Heritage Fellow and Blues Harmonica Player Phil Wiggins brings it all home in this music-rich conversation.

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