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Caption: Guitarist and Composer Fernando Sor
In the 19th century, the guitar was still thought of as something heard at village fairs, an easy to strum instrument, meant for nothing more than ...

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Caption: 1920s Decade
The 1920s was one of the most inventive periods in American history. On the one hand, jazz became an music art form that swept the world, on the ot...

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Caption: Guitarist Pablo Sáinz Villegas
Mexico’s finest artists are among those we hear this week celebrating the genius of Mexican composer Manuel María Ponce. Enjoy solo works for piano...

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The 12th annual Christmas program, with greetings from listeners and holiday jazz vocals.

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Although Atlanta isn’t thought of as a hub for early jazz, nevertheless, it was a hive of musical activity in the 1920s. There were enough venues, ...

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Seasonal music by the legendary British band Jethro Tull, with humorous and thoughtful commentary by its founder, Ian Anderson.

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This week on CHICAGO JAZZ LIVE we welcome a vocal triple play. Singers Alyssa Allgood, Elaine Dame and Rose Colella team up to present a joyous eve...

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Caption: Two Of A Kind in Sunspot Studio With The Children's Hour, Credit: Vanessa Vassar
Award winning children's duo Two Of A Kind play a mini concert for The Children's Hour

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Have you ever listened to a painting? This week on Wind & Rhythm, we feature music inspired by artists such as Edvard Munch, Andrew Wyeth, Edward H...

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Caption: Photo by Star Black released into the Public Domain
We continue our series on State Poets Laureate with the most recent California State Poet Laureate, Dana Gioia. In this archive interview, the Cali...

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Favorite Night Cafe performances from 2018-19.

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On this week's episode of the pod, we have a guest that may be familiar to some of you, and not to others. I am assuming many of my listeners are a...

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Vocals from new artists as well as Night Cafe favorites.

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Caption: Cafe Accordion Orchestra, Credit: Jim Dryden
Café Accordion Orchestra performs a show called Midnight in Paris, where the group performs some of it’s finest French music. The show frequently s...

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Caption: Cafe Accordion Orchestra, Credit: Jim Dryden
Café Accordion Orchestra performs a show called Midnight in Paris, featuring the group’s finest French music. The show comes to Crooners in Fridley...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
What is the color of your world? This week on Wind & Rhythm we will be listening to songs inspired by colors. We’ll watch an aerial dogfight in red...

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Caption: Molly Bernard
NON-ROMCOM features two short plays by young female playwrights. Both Patricia Cotter's RULES OF COMEDY and Chiara Atik's 52ND TO BOWERY TO COBBLE ...

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Gothic Voices and the Hilliard Ensemble present music from the 13th and 14th centuries. We'll hear the famous round Sumer is icumin in and fascinat...

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The University of Minnesota Press is out with a mouth-watering new guide, “The Great Minnesota Cookie Book,” that offers recipes, pictures, and bak...

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Stella Adler once said, "The word theater comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about li...

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Ted Olson, a professor of Appalachian Studies at East Tennessee State University, discusses how his writing has been impacted by the region's histo...

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In ancient times, the Greeks and the Trojans fought for 10 years. The Trojans rejoiced when the Greek army departed, leaving behind a giant (HARMLE...

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Caption: Volunteer Peter Lent wades through Oatka Creek in Scottsville, New York, looking for bugs to send back to Albany., Credit: Caitlin Whyte/WXXI News
Helping the environment isn’t just about recycling and abandoning plastic straws. WXXI’s Caitlin Whyte explored the concept of citizen science, and...

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Caption: James P. Johnson
Music from the father of Stride piano, James P. Johnson, and his prize student, Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller - 1928-1934.

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In our final part of the New York Audio Show we feature 2 icons of the High-End Audio world: David Cheskey and Rondi D'Agostino. It also includes t...

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  • Length: 40:00