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On this on this show in our Spotlight, from Kelowna, British Columbia. We welcome back Kelly Derrickson, she currently holds the 2018 title for “Be...

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Caption: Map of Mexico, 1847, Credit: Library of Congress
Twenty years ago, NAFTA — the North American Free Trade Agreement — removed barriers to trade between the United States and Mexico, marking a more ...

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Caption: Wendy Oliveras (left); Bobby Pickles (right)
Bobby speaks with Wendy Oliveras, author of “Let’s Play SHESS: Succeed in your game of life and business by playing chess: from Pawn to Queen”. The...

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A recent college graduate receives an unexpected job offer from his uncle: teach English in Ciudad Juárez.

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Caption: Rita Conceicao and Margaret Willson
Anthropologist Margaret Willson witnessed harrowing violence and poverty while living in Brazil. She describes how violence and dance are often int...

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