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National Poetry Month continues with this special reading by Kansas Poets Laureate, Past & Present. In part one, the current holder of the post, Ke...

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Professor Hayrettin Yucesoy explores the turbulent political and religious climate of the medieval Islamic world.

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Caption: “The Almightier,” illustration from Puck, May 15th, 1907 , Credit: Library of Congress
30-second promo for BackStory episode, "On the Money: A History of American Currency," with 5-second music bed at end for station-specific time/dat...

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Caption: New York City policemen pour liquor into a sewer following a raid during Prohibition, c1921, Credit: Library of Congress
30-second promo for BackStory episode, "Cheers and Jeers: Alcohol in America [rebroadcast]," with 5-second music bed at end for station-specific ti...

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Caption: “Testimony in the great Beecher-Tilton scandal case illustrated,” 1875 lithograph. , Credit: Library of Congress
15 years ago this month, then-President Bill Clinton was impeached by the US House of Representatives for perjury and obstruction of justice. The c...

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Caption: “Testimony in the great Beecher-Tilton scandal case illustrated,” 1875 lithograph. , Credit: Library of Congress
30-second promo for BackStory episode, "Shocked and Appalled: A History of Scandal," with 5-second music bed at end for station-specific time/date ...

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Host Brian Balogh sits down with historian Joseph Crespino, who explains the Democratic conflict that led to the Dixiecrat Bolt of 1948.

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Caption: Rival factions of the Democratic Party tussle over President Martin Van Buren. Lithograph, 1837. , Credit: Library of Congress
The recent government shutdown highlighted the intense conflict between political parties today, but it also showed how critical conflict within th...

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Caption: After fleeing Washington, D.C., during the War of 1812, President James Madison spent the night in this Brookeville home, supposedly making Brookeville “U.S. Capital for a Day.” , Credit: Washington Post
Andy Warhol once said: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." But in this town, you'll meet people who claim that in the pa...

  • Added: Sep 12, 2013
  • Length: 06:26
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Host Ed Ayers talks with historian Walter Johnson about the rise of steamboats in the 19th Century, and how the cotton economy fueled an ever more ...

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Andrew Gumbel, co-author of the book "Oklahoma City: What the Investigation Missed--and Why it Still Matters" (2012, HarperCollins) with Roger Char...

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Caption: Virginia Prescott and Chris Matthews, Credit: David Murray
The TV personality and former journalist talks about his new book, "Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero."

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Libya, London, Egypt – the map of unrest and revolution around the world right now is vast. In Sudan, it led to the country separating in two. Now ...

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Caption: Nicholas Longworth's gavel is among the treasures curated and conserved by the House of Representatives' very first curator., Credit: Collection of the U.S. House of Representatives
Meet the very first curator of the U.S. House of Representatives collection... 4,000 artifacts strong.

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Caption: D.C.'s Meridian Hill Park got its name from the Prime Meridian Thomas Jefferson proposed along 16th Street NW., Credit: Rebecca Sheir
What if Washington, D.C., really were the middle of the world?

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Caption: Book Cover
With all the talk about Big Government, two scholars reflect on how the Federal Government and taxes have evolved since the founding era.

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Dave Brubeck on the importance of Cultural Exchange

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Why has an Ohio Congressmen spent 30+ years obsessing over the name of a mountain... in Alaska?

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The politics behind the Apollo Program

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