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Caption: Seminole children on a reservation in Florida, c1948., Credit: Florida Photographic Collection
30-second promo for "Young Americans: A History of Childhood," with a 5 second hole for station-specific time/date tag.

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Caption: How can we keep our kids safe on the Internet if they have their own devices?
Sherry wants to know how she can make sure her son is safe of the Internet. Is there an app or email service that would prevent him from seeing thi...

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Christmas reminds us that we've survived another year and still have some semblance of a family and a haphazard network of friends... we made it! T...

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Aaron Brown shares his thoughts on houses.

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In 2nd Grade Aaron invented a decorative seat belt cover to encourage kids to buckle up. This invention took him all the way to Washington D.C.

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This includes John Latimer's Phenology Report and Talk Backs. Plus David Garshelis talks about oil spills and the late Gil Quaal comments on wild ...

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Everyone faces the choice of a driver's license or tattoo?

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In the testosterone drenched man-scape that is the Iron Range, Aaron Brown stands by his boy's plastic bikes...

  • Added: Jun 02, 2010
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Dogs often enjoy many of the same benefits as children...Aaron's Grandpa event pulled the camper out west so the dogs had a place to sleep...

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