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Caption: Artist concept of the Tiangong-1 space station, Credit: CMSA
By the time you hear this week’s episode, China’s Tiangong-1 may have spectacularly re-entered our planet’s atmosphere, raining metal on an unpredi...

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Caption: Radar images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft reveal many lakes on Titan's surface, some filled with liquid, and some appearing as empty depressions. The data were obtained by Cassini's radar instrument from 2004 to 2013., Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / ASI / USGS
A computer model based on our best data about Saturn’s cloud-shrouded moon says that torrential liquid methane pounds the surface far more frequent...

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Caption: Artist concept of uneven dust ring surrounding “Tabby’s Star” KIC 8462852, Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
It may not host an alien “megastructure” but Tabby’s Star still guards many mysteries of science. Astronomer and astrophysicist Tabetha “Tabby” Boy...

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Caption: Representatives of Congress and the National Space Council, along with several astronauts, joined President Donald J. Trump, for the president’s signing of Space Policy Directive 1., Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani
On December 11th President Donald Trump signed a memorandum that firmly points the US space effort toward the Moon, but without providing many deta...

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Caption: Former Curiosity Rover Project Scientist John Grotzinger, Credit: Mat Kaplan
The Mars Science Laboratory rover has accomplished its primary goals on the Red Planet, and John Grotzinger has left his central role to become Cha...

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Caption: The MAVEN spacecraft circling Mars., Credit: NASA/GSFC
Not just the air. Where is the water that was plentiful on the red planet billions of years ago? MAVEN may help answer these questions. Principa...

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Caption: Venus Express Enters the Venusian Atmosphere, Credit: European Space Agency
Venus Express Project Scientist Håkan Svedhem tells us about the spacecraft’s harrowing descent into the Venusian atmosphere, what it is currently ...

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Piece image
They have generated excitement, enthusiasm and support throughout the world. The ISEE-3 Reboot Project has succeeded in gaining control over the 36...

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Caption: First humans on the Red Planet, Credit: NASA
Planetary Radio visits the 33rd ISDC to talk with three explorers who’ve set their sights on the Red Planet: MD and space medicine researcher Susan...

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Caption: NASASpinoff, Credit: NASA
NASA has just published "Spinoff 2013," the latest of its annual reports on innovations developed for space that are solving problems and improving...

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Caption: The Cardsharps, 1594, Credit: Caravaggio
People’s unconscious reactions to liars and truth-tellers are more accurate than their conscious judgments.

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Caption: NEOWISE Mission Principal Investigator Amy Mainzer
Take a spacecraft that can no longer survey the realm of galaxies and repurpose it to discover thousands of much nearer asteroids and comets. Put i...

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