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Caption: Ben Miller's The Aliens are Coming, Credit: The Experiment Publishing Company
British physicist turned comedian and actor Ben Miller has written The Aliens are Coming-- The Extraordinary Science Behind our Search for Life in ...

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Caption: Saturn and Cassini, Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
The great Cassini spacecraft has a year to go before it plunges into the ringed planet. Project Scientist Linda Spilker returns with more amazing m...

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Caption: Artistic rendering of Planet 9 with the distant Sun in the background., Credit: Caltech / R. Hurt (IPAC)
Our live conversation about “Planet 9” and the amazing diversity of our solar system, featuring Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown of Caltech, Senio...

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Caption: Matt Damon as "The Martian", Credit: 20th Century Fox
It was the #1 New York Times bestseller, and as this week’s Planetary Radio premiered it was once again the most popular movie in the USA. “The Ma...

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Caption: In this laser frequency comb, colorized for illustrative purposes, the solid lines are the star spectrum and the dots are the artificial laser spectrum. The dark gaps in the star spectrum represent different chemical elements in the starlight. Long-term s, Credit: European Southern Observatory
It’s terribly hard to find exoplanets that look like our homeworld. The search requires development of astoundingly powerful and precise instrumen...

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They eat roadkill. They urinate on themselves. When frightened, they vomit. The turkey vultures have returned. Why does this harbinger of spring ha...

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