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Caption: Freddie Meeks, sailor in the disaster at  weapons shipping depot in Port Chicago, Calif., holds a picture of himself as a young seaman  July 14, 1994. He died in 2003. , Credit: (AP Photo/Chris Pizzelo)
Wartime. Disaster. Trauma. Charges of mutiny for 50 Black sailors in a Jim Crow courtroom. Discrimination and a battle for civil rights. Listen to ...

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Today’s show focuses on biology’s metaphors of control and how these are deployed to describe processes that are laughably uncontrollable. Sheila J...

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  • Length: 59:01
Caption: Citizens celebrate passage of Clear Skies Ordinance, Credit: Dan Wood
Despite millions of dollars of pressure from Shell, Exxon, and the American Petroleum Institute, the small city of South Portland, Maine stops the...

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The fight to legalize marijuana has never been easy, as evidenced by the recent collapse of months-long efforts in New Jersey and New York. A key i...

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The twentieth century has been called the American Century, a time when American ingenuity, economic growth, military power, and vibrant cultural e...

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  • Length: 26:25
Caption: David Rogers
The twentieth century has been called the American Century, a time when American ingenuity, economic growth, military power, and vibrant cultural e...

  • Added: Dec 10, 2018
  • Length: 28:53
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“If it affects one, it affects us all.” State Senator Eddie Melton helps us understand the recently completed Indiana Legislative Session, includin...

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Journalist Juan González discusses his new book, Reclaiming Gotham. He chronicles the evolution of the growth machine in America’s cities - from r...

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Caption: Ai Weiwei, artist, filmmaker
Ai Weiwei is an artist who uses many canvases to express himself. From art installations to architecture, social media to the big screen, Ai is one...

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This episode explores the past and present of the far right and anti-fascism. We begin with the murder investigation of anti-fascist rapper, Pavlos...

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Caption: Pretoria All Girls School in South Africa Protesting the Mandate to Straighten Hair, Credit: BBC News
We looks in to the roots of colonialism in South African education.

  • Added: Nov 08, 2017
  • Length: 28:58
Caption: Al Gore, former vice president of the United States
Former Vice President Al Gore joins Climate One to talk about his tireless fight, training an army of climate champions and influencing internation...

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Caption: john a. powell
Conspicuous climate disruption is here now. At the same time, a global super-elite of fossil fuel mega-billionaires has cinched a political strangl...

  • Added: Jun 12, 2017
  • Length: 28:30
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Never before has a sitting justice on the Kansas Supreme Court not won a retention election. But as we all bear witness, 2016 is a different sort o...

  • Added: Oct 19, 2016
  • Length: 18:42
Caption: Cathy Cresser
Cathy Cresser, local write-in candidate for Shasta County Supervisor District 3, Joins us in the studio to tell us more about herself and her camp...

  • Added: Jun 05, 2016
  • Length: 57:45
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When should a judge step aside? As more and more money floods into judicial elections across the nation, states are grappling with this question. P...

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  • Length: 30:36
Caption: KCOD, Credit: KCOD
On this final episode of Earth Now, we discuss how you can be more sustainable on an individual level as well as your college, to help the Earth No...

  • Added: May 10, 2016
  • Length: 56:44
Caption: KCOD, Credit: KCOD
In the first half-hour, 'Earth Now' | Episode 02: Nature at Risk: What is Your 'Place,' we discuss ecosystems and species in trouble due to climate...

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  • Length: 57:04
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If there was ever a political strategist who could be consider a transformer of government, it would be David Axelrod. David has accomplished more ...

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  • Length: 24:30
Caption: Best Selling Author Karen Abbott, Credit:
Karen Abbott is the New York Times bestselling author of SIN IN THE SECOND CITY, AMERICAN ROSE, and, most recently, LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY,

  • Added: Apr 08, 2016
  • Length: 23:13
Caption: Dr. Riki Ott
Some say the modern environmental movement was born in an oil spill in April 1970. Enraged by the first television images of the massive crude oil ...

  • Added: Mar 25, 2016
  • Length: 28:30
Caption: Sandra Tanenbaum, Steven Conn, and Tamara Mann join the conversation.
What does the ACA do and what is Obamacare about? Historians consider the contentious history of healthcare policy leading up to the ACA.

  • Added: Aug 27, 2015
  • Length: 05:00
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We all know that, if elected, Hillary Clinton would be the first female president, and either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would be the first Hispanic. ...

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The controversy in Indiana and elsewhere over so-called religious freedom laws brings us back to a conversation about the nation's "culture wars." ...

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After 30 years in the Senate, Harry Reid is calling it quits. The 75-year old Nevada Democrat, who has been minority, majority and now minority le...

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