PRX Payment Policy

  1. Payments are made quarterly and are based on the point/dollar ratio posted at the end of each quarter. The minimum base rate is $.50/minute.

  2. Payments are due only to producers, stations, and groups who have a paid account within the fiscal quarter the royalties are earned. For those producers whose memberships have expired, PRX will make an effort to notify the producer of any incoming royalties. Should the account not be reactivated within a reasonable amount of time, PRX reserves the right to apply the funds to the PRX operating budget.

  3. At the end of each fiscal quarter, members can access an electronic statement of earnings in the My PRX section (must be logged in).

  4. PRX royalty payments have a base rate of $.50/minute (or $.10 a point). Producers will earn a bonus royalty if the station who licenses the piece is in a larger market (i.e. the piece reaches more listeners). The bonus is based on the price the station paid for their membership package on PRX. Generally speaking, the bigger the station, the bigger the point/dollar ratio. PRX will guarantee a minimum royalty rate of $.50/minute.

  5. Royalties may also be earned if your piece is licensed by an outside purchaser (alternative digital distributor), a podcast or a national show. Flat rates are established by each purchaser. Please read the terms of distribution carefully. You must have a paid account for royalties to be paid to you.

  6. Payments will be issued by check within 30 days of the end of the fiscal quarter.

  7. Royalties are considered taxable income. Members wishing to get paid must provide PRX with a social security number or tax identification number and a reliable mailing address. Please contact membership at 617.576.5455 or by email to update or change your address.