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Caption: The Invasion of the Pines on Fire Island, Credit: Mike Fisher
For most of the 20th Century, New York's Fire Island was virtually the only place on Earth where gay men and lesbians felt safe to live and to love...

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Caption: Autumn's colors give many people peace., Credit: Photo by Kevin Boucher
In our 21st century society we are bombarded by man-made and sometimes not so pleasing sounds. To escape this acoustic overload, many people escap...

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Caption: A woodpecker foraging for food in the Cache River basin in southern Illinois, Credit: Photo by Kevin Boucher
When the famous naturalist John James Audubon traveled through southern Illinois in 1811-12 he saw many animals that are no longer in the prairie s...

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Caption: Stefan Baluk during WWII, Credit: Stefan Baluk
A 97 year-old veteran of the Warsaw Uprising recounts parachuting into occupied Poland and fighting in a last-ditch attempt to re-take his home fro...

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When he was a teenaged boy scout, Bill Johnson met a girl from Alaska on a westbound train. He only saw her once more. But nearly two decades later...

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