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Central Florida Public Media will continue to be the dominant public broadcasting entities on air and on-line, throughout our region, providing a program service free and accessible to all which reflects strong community interest and support while informing, educating, entertaining and enriching a significant audience. Central Florida Public Media will seek always to earn our donor's and community's respect by performing and leading in a manner which secures and broadens our base. Central Florida Public Media will continue to be a uniquely local source of information and education about our community, our state and our world, exploring new methods of content distribution including multi-channel programming streams, text enhanced television broadcasts, and audio and video streaming and program archival on the world wide web. Central Florida Public Media will support a staff and volunteer corps who share a robust and on-going commitment to this mission and values and the goals necessary to advance it. The results of these commitments will aid those who use the programming and services of Central Florida Public Media to intelligently address substantive issues that affect their lives, their leisure, their education and their understanding of the community around them.


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Florida is flipping the switch Tuesday morning on its new online portal for residents who use Medicaid, SNAP benefits, and childcare subsidies. The...

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WMFE-FM's Pat Duggins looks back at the Columbia Disaster and ahead to the planned mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis

Bought by KPIK-LP, WUAL, WCAI / WNAN Cape & Islands, Mass., KUT, and WGBH Radio Boston

  • Added: Dec 07, 2003
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