FAQ for Sound Opinions and PRX

Here are answers to common questions about Sound Opinions on PRX.

Why are PRX and Sound Opinions working together?

PRX has long been a fan of Jim and Greg and Sound Opinions and jumped at the chance to work together on the next phase of developing the program. For their part, Jim and Greg and their team love the independence and innovative spirit at PRX, and see lots of opportunities to work closely with stations.

Sound Opinions has a fresh approach to a talk and music programming. Jim and Greg are curators and investigators of new musical talent.

How do I get Sound Opinions?

Sound Opinions is available through PRX each week as broadcast MP2 files using PRX's SubAuto delivery system. Weekly promos are included for those who subscribe. To get the program, a station must pay an annual carriage fee.

TSR FY 2017 Program Fee
Above 5 Mil $7,513
2.5 - 4.9 Mil $6,010
1 - 2.49 $4,758
600000 - 999000 $3,506
300,000-599,000 $2,003
250,000-300,000 $1,252
under 250,000 $752
I'm a station that carries Sound Opinions and I DON'T have a PRX account. What now?

Sound Opinions is now available only on PRX through the Subscription Automation (SubAuto) system, PRX's automated delivery system for weekly series. Each week, SubAuto will push out the latest program to a your station's automation system, where it will be ready to air. This means station staff will not have to come to PRX weekly to download the latest episode. Learn more in our overview.

  • Create an individual account for each member of your staff who works with Sound Opinions or helps it get on the air. It's easy: just go to PRX.org and look for the Sign Up link on the upper right.
  • Let us know when you do and we will link your account to the station account.
  • Confirm and arrange payment for an annual carriage fee
  • Follow these directions for subscribing to a SubAuto series.
  • If you have questions contact PRX help at prxhelp-at-prx-dot-org.
What is available on PRX?

You will see the program title, a show description and have access to:

  • All the MP2 audio files for the week's shows
  • Image files for the show
  • Any text files for the program
  • Generic or show-specific promo audio
  • Underwriting audio
How do I request custom promos and spots for my market?

Please fill out this form. You can have the promos posted to PRX for you to grab. Contact robin@soundopinions.org with any specific questions.

I have a lot of questions about carriage and pricing. Who do I talk with?

You can chat with Steve Martin (steve-at-sfmconsulting-dot-com) or John Barth from PRX (john-at-prx-dot-org).

Sound Opinions is darn cool. I'm an underwriter and I want a piece of this. Who do I talk with?

David Raphael is your man. You can reach him at david-at-soundopinions-dot-org. His phone is 312-342-0047.