Bonjour Chanson Series 37

Series produced by Charles Spira

Caption: Cheverny, Credit: Eddy Goedtkindt
Image by: Eddy Goedtkindt 

One of the great joys of listening to French Chanson is witnessing the tradition being picked up and renewed by a younger generation, who respects the paradigm of the genre created by their elders.

The constant renewal of French Chanson makes it a privilege and a pleasure to find new artists and songs and play them alongside the timeless songs of their predecessors. In this series we hope to delight you with new discoveries of songs by newcomers and well-established artists.

5 Pieces

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Caption: By Courtesy of Olympe Chabert, Credit: Jeanne Boulet
A diverse selection of engaging Francophone songs will leave you wanting more. The commentary is in English. No knowledge of French is assumed.

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Caption: By Courtesy of Helen Juren, Credit: TiLpi
A truly diverse cohort of artists renew French Chanson and keep it fresh, lively and faithful to its stellar tradition. Some have signed up with r...

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Caption:  By Courtesy of Luc Alenvers, Credit: Sylvain Larose
Let yourself be transported by 6 Francophone songs that are being listened to today. Great voices, wonderful melodies and no French language kill...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Arthédone, Credit: Paul Clichy
Enjoy 6 Francophone artists with one of their songs. They are introduced in English. No French language skills are called for. Sit back and rela...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Emma Daumas, Credit: Frank Loriou
Another selection of great Francophone songs. No knowledge of French required to enjoy the show.

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