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Reel Music takes your listeners to the movies every week for an hour of orchestral themes from cinema's best film scores. The show is music-centric, with intriguing but brief commentary from host and producer Matt Rogers, who mixes in the occasional vintage snack bar announcement for a fun, nostalgic experience.

Reel Music is a great entry point for new listeners, who may know more about movies than they do classical music, and it provides an entertaining break from routine for seasoned classical listeners who also appreciate a good film score.

The show is 59:00 and comes in three segments. Segment 2 is always a :45 music bed for underwriting during the floating break.

Reel Music is a co-production of WDAV and KBACH. New episodes drop on Sunday. For more information, contact Matt Rogers at KBACH in Phoenix.

NOTE: Episodes are free. There is a $100 subscription fee per year.

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