The Twelve

Series produced by Shelton Brown

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Produced by Good Scout and hosted by Shelton Brown, The Twelve is an investigation of The Twelve Tribes.

What began as a youth movement in an early 1970's Chattanooga, TN, The Light Brigade sought to bring in people from all walks of life to show them the way of Yahshua. This movement grew quickly. People from all over the country were attracted to it. The locals, however, weren't impressed.

Eventually, they would call themselves The Twelve Tribes. They wanted to be 're-linked' back to God and to separate themselves from the surrounding 'false Christianity.'

This transition was not without consequence. It changed everything. The Twelve is a production of Good Scout, hosted by Shelton Brown.

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Here's a quick look into The Twelve, an investigation of a religious community known as The Twelve Tribes. While they boast their simplistic values...

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