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Our health journalism collaborative explores the impacts of place, policy and economics on Americans' health.

Our health journalism collaborative explores the impacts of place, policy and economics on Americans' health. We're exploring the root causes of community-wide health problems--from chronic disease, mental to behavioral health to infant mortality—and on new research and initiatives working to prevent and solve these problems.

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In 13 states, teens in labor cannot consent to their own health care. They can receive emergency services, but nothing considered to be elective. F...

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Caption: A hygienist numbs a patient in preparation for a tooth extraction at Smiles of Hope., Credit: Marissanne Lewis-Thompson/Side Effects Public Media
In many low-income communities, especially in rural areas, charity clinics provide dental care for a population whose needs are not fully met by th...

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Caption: Officer Ron Meyers in Ross County, Ohio., Credit: Seth Herald/Side Effects Public Media
After a string of fatal overdoses last year, a team of law enforcement officials and treatment experts from southern Ohio formed the Post-Overdose ...

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Caption: Dana Garber helps patients with transition-related medical care at the Peoria, Ill. Planned Parenthood. , Credit: Cass Herrington/Side Effects Public Media
It’s still rare to find clinics outside of major cities that offer transition-related medical care. But Planned Parenthood has started offering the...

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Caption: Janice McClain poses beside the Use What You've Got Prison Ministry bus, which connects people with their incarcerated family members., Credit: Emily Forman/Side Effects Public Media
The lack of literal human connection in prison can take its toll on inmates and their families. A grassroots bus service in Indiana transports fami...

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Caption: Students wait on a bus during a tour of some of St. Louis' poorest neighborhoods., Credit: Carolina Hidalgo/St. Louis Public Radio
Every year, for the past 15 years, a group of first-year medical students in St. Louis, Missouri have boarded buses and taken tours through the som...

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  • Added: Sep 14, 2017
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Caption: Chelsea Goodlow and her daughter Kaylee at the Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition picnic in August., Credit: Sarah Fentem/ Side Effects Public Media
The "breast is best" message seems often to miss black women, who breast-feed at a rate much lower than other races. Why?

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Caption: Current residents of the Wee Ones Nursery, Credit: Allison Greene/Indiana Women's Prison
A pregnant woman in prison typically has 48 hours with her baby after it’s born before it’s taken away. A program inside an Indiana women's prison ...

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Caption: Aaron Murray pops a wheelie at the ParaQuad gym in St. Louis, Credit: Durrie Bouscaren
For every person shot and killed in the U.S., there are two who make it out alive. Those close calls can leave victims with a lifelong disability...

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For thousands of moms with opioid addiction, this is their struggle: keeping their disease under control during and after pregnancy, in order to ke...

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One proven way to help people with addiction is to give health care providers access to their patient's prescription narcotic history. For years, M...

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Caption: Dr. Tara Benjamin(left) specializes in high risk pregnancies. Most of her patients are in treatment for opioid addiction., Credit: Grace Hollars
Doctors who can prescribe a medication for opioid addiction, and accept Medicaid, are already scarce. But even fewer will treat pregnant women. At ...

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Insurance companies set rules that sometime make patients go for days without opioid addiction medicine. These rules are especially tough on pregna...

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Caption: Earl Bullington, advisor for Focus Bank, which rescued the struggling Pemiscot County hospital in 2013. The pictures on his wall depict the farmland in Pemiscot County, Missouri., Credit: Bram Sable-Smith/Side Effects Public Media
Dwindling populations put hospitals in rural areas in a catch-22 situation. Their communities rely on the institutions, but aren’t big enough to su...

  • Added: Jul 19, 2017
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A new study finds where there are dense clusters of tobacco retailers, there’s a higher rate of smoking. Those clusters are mostly in lower-income ...

  • Added: Jun 29, 2017
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Caption: Cara Stewart and Emily Beauregard, Credit: Sam Horton/Side Effects
As Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell works to drum up votes for his health care bill in Congress, people in his home state worry about what they cou...

  • Added: Jun 28, 2017
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Caption: Tony Twitty, a St. Louis mechanic, purchased coverage for himself and his son on He told St. Louis Public Radio last year that before the Affordable Care Act, buying coverage on his own was unaffordable., Credit: Durrie Bouscaren
Across the country, the clock is ticking down on filing deadlines for companies who want to offer plans on the marketplace. Several ...

  • Added: Jun 21, 2017
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Caption: A rape kit (pictured) is used to collect evidence after a sexual assault. How well the kit is completed matters in a prosecution., Credit: Esther Honig/Side Effects Public Media
In Ohio, sexual assault nurse examiners (SANE nurses) can help administer rape kits to victims and bring perpetrators to justice. But in rural area...

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Under the GOP health plan, 14 million fewer Americans would be insured through Medicaid over the next 10 years. That’s a problem for small rural ho...

  • Added: Jun 19, 2017
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Caption: Darvin Bentlage, a cattle farmer in Barton County, Mo., was uninusred before the ACA and worries he could be again under the GOP replacement plan., Credit: Screenshot/Department of Health and Human Services
The Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act would change health care in many ways. And rural communities have a lot on the line. Reporte...

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