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A science series from PRX.

Transistor is a transformative STEM podcast from PRX. Three scientist hosts — a biologist, an astrophysicist, and a neuroscientist — report on conundrums, curiosities, and current events in and beyond their fields. Sprinkled among their episodes are the winners of the STEM Story Project, a competition we held for unique science radio.

Much as the transistor radio was a new technical leap, this Transistor features new women voices and sounds from new science producers.

PRX presents Transistor, applying our storytelling and podcast experience to science. The Sloan Foundation powers Transistor with funding and support.

Transistor is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan foundation, enhancing public understanding of science, technology, and economic performance. Learn more at

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Caption: The host for this episode of Transistor, Michelle Thaller
We're closer than ever before to discovering if we're not alone in the universe. The host for this episode of Transistor, astrophysicist Michelle T...

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In her episodes of Transistor, biologist Christina Agapakis is exploring the microbiome: the trillions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live in...

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In her episodes of Transistor, neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki introduces us to scientists who have uncovered some of the deepest secrets about how our...

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Caption: Henry Moliason (Patient HM) in the lab, Credit: photo copyright Suzanne Corkin (not for station use!)
Imagine remembering your childhood, your parents, the history you learned in school, but never being able to form a new long term memory after the ...

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Caption: Venus, Credit: NASA
Space scientists are acutely aware of what can happen when climates change in other parts of our solar system. Take Venus, where it rains sulfuric ...

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Caption: Sign on the door at OpenBiome
It still seems hard to believe, but for one disease, poop -- yes, human poop -- is nothing short a miracle cure. Microbiologist Christina Agapakis ...

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Caption: Play with this rainbow of noise at <a href="">this site</a>!
Everybody knows about white noise — that sound that comes out of your TV when it’s not working quite right. But there are many other colors of nois...

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Many depictions of amnesia in TV, movies, and cartoons are just plain wrong -- some laughably so. Host Dr. Wendy Suzuki talks with Prof. Neal Cohen...

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Caption: Harvey Washington Wiley in his lab, Credit: FDA
In the fall of 1902, twelve young men in suits regularly gathered for dinners in the basement of a government building in Washington, D.C. The men ...

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Looking through a telescope is like being inside a time machine -- you are seeing light from the past. And some space telescopes allow astronomers ...

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Caption: Art by <a href="">Noa Kaplan</a>, Credit: Jed Kim
Your skin is your largest organ and is also is a thriving ecosystem, covered in bacteria. While many of us consider regular showers key to keeping ...

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Scents and tastes are powerfully evocative -- one whiff of perfume or cooking aromas can transport you back to a particular moment, a particular pl...

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Caption: Maricruz Jaramillo (standing) and Samoa Asigau wait for their ride back to the Charles Darwin Research Station after an early morning of catching birds., Credit: Veronique LaCapra
What motivates young people to become scientists? Meet Maricruz Jaramillo and Samoa Asigau, two young women scientists from opposite sides of the P...

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When University of Washington researcher David Rhoades discovered that plants could communicate with each other, he was laughed out of science. But...

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One of the things we assign to science is that there are true, absolute facts. But scientists are human and, it turns out, as prone to blind spots ...

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Caption: Dr. Marian Diamond and Wendy Suzuki on Wendy's undergrad graduation day
A story of movement, memory, and mentors. Dr. Wendy Suzuki introduces us to Dr. Marian Diamond, whose lively classes ushered Wendy into a career in...

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In music, everything seems to have another digital life. Pianists can play with different voicings on an electric keyboard. Guitarists can filter t...

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Told by the couple who lived it, this is a story of how Crohn's disease can change lives when you least expect it. And it's a story of how science ...

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Caption: Tim and Tanya Chartier present a classic mime stance
Some things can be better left unsaid. Who would have thought that math could be one of them?

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Caption: Martha Lillard, Credit: Julia Scott
As storms raged through Oklahoma in 2013, Martha Lillard waited them out from inside her iron lung. She is one of just dozens of polio survivors wh...

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