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"All Things Natural," a series of nature essays written by Ed Kanze for more than a quarter century, looks at a kitchen-sink full of natural phenomenon in an inquisitive and playful spirit.

"All Things Natural," Author and Adirondack guide Ed Kanze's weekly newspaper column, has been published continuously for a quarter century. Over the column's run, Ed has written over 1300 columns totaling nearly a million words. Listen each week as he shares, in his own voice, stories about nature in the Adirondacks and beyond in this Mountain Lake PBS/BorderlessNorth exclusive podcast. Visit Producer Josh Clement's Borderless North webpage at

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I've raised baby possums, raccoons, skunks, robins, starlings, and great-horned owls. Which are the most cuddly and fun to be around? The answer ma...

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If there are bruins in the neighborhood, trouble may be brewin'. Listen and learn how to avoid it.

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They rock and roll them. We're talking about those boulders we all see in the woods. Geologists call them "erratics."

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