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A 2-hour program of music from Broadway. Features a couple of dozen performances from yesterday and today, with commentary and background information about the music and the performers. Developed for WMNR, since 2005 Broadway Bound radio shows have aired on this public radio station in Monroe, CT.

Broadway musicals have the power to inspire, entertain and teach. Broadway Bound features individual tracks from new, not so new and older Broadway musicals. Tributes, interviews, focus on themes, spotlights on new recordings as they are released and theater information is just part of what makes this program entertaining and informative.
Garrett Stack is a regular at Broadway musicals and as part of the media is at many openings, providing first-hand impressions of new works and revivals.

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Thousands of Broadway songs fill hundreds of scores from flop shows. But sadly, only a relatively few of the many good ones are known. Here we list...

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Caption: Coming Attractions!
15 musicals are scheduled to open in the 2016-2017 Broadway season. Of them six are revivals.

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A 25-year review of Broadways "best." Best Musical Tony and Best Musical Revival Tony.

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Tony nominated musicals and performers for the 2015-16 season are featured as well as Tony winners from 10 years and 25 years ago.

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The Tony Nominations are in. The Musicals and their casts are up fort awards. Let the suspense begin!

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Caption: Broadway Bound 248
Featuring Broadway music from yesterday and today

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Many a Broadway musical has had a Broadway show or a song about Broadway as part of its plot. Here are about two dozen.

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Finally Sondheim is gathered in one neat place and Grease Live! thrives on CD along with classics on Broadway now

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One of the most prolific composers on Broadway ever, Andrew Lloyd Weber has had his share of smaller successes.

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The 2015-16 Broadway Season is half-way through. Here's what's new and what's on the boards right now.

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Caption: 2005 Broadway & Oklahoma's 60th
2005 saw a lot of new musicals come and go very fast. Of them all, one remains on Broadway today. And, the Oklahoma film gets a facelift at 60.

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Today's theme is "song & dance." Broadway celebrates both of those.

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George Gerhswin was one of America's greatest composers - & - A Chorus Line Turns 40!

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Caption: What would you take?
If you had to choose a couple dozen Broadway tunes on your desert island, what would they be?

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Caption: Broadway Legends
Broadway musicals have produced legends who often only need their first name to be recognized and admired.

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Celebrating July 4th with the entire airing with commentary of "1776," plus quintessential American musical pieces.

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Caption: Tony Wrap-Up/Longest Running Musicals Ever
The 2014-15 Broadway season is over. The Tonys have been won. This is the wrap.

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A complete look at the 2015 Tony-nominated shows in the "Best Musical" and "Best Musical Revival."

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Caption: 2015 Tony Award Nominations
The 2015 Tony Nominations for musicals are in. Take a look at a few.

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Caption: 2014 - 2015 Season
The 2014-15 Theater Season includes 10 new musicals and five revivals.

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