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A 2-hour program of music from Broadway. Features a couple of dozen performances from yesterday and today, with commentary and background information about the music and the performers. Developed for WMNR, since 2005 Broadway Bound radio shows have aired on this public radio station in Monroe, CT.

Broadway musicals have the power to inspire, entertain and teach. Broadway Bound features individual tracks from new, not so new and older Broadway musicals. Tributes, interviews, focus on themes, spotlights on new recordings as they are released and theater information is just part of what makes this program entertaining and informative.
Garrett Stack is a regular at Broadway musicals and as part of the media is at many openings, providing first-hand impressions of new works and revivals.

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Through the decades many a Broadway musical was made into a major motion picture. Some of them even got the "Best Picture" Oscar.

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Black History: Saluting African American actors who have won the Tony Award for roles in musicals.

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As we look at 2018 and beyond, we see scheduled Broadway musicals opening, and the interesting twist, many many others "in the works."

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Caption: Edited for Pledge Breaks
The production number is at the heart of Broadway musicals. They follow certain rules that never get old. We love 'em.

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All part of Broadway Lore, musicals fit one or more of the categories: hit, flop, or revival. A new production of the "flop" Rags is the subject of...

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It seems most Broadway musicals focus on leading females. What about the guys? These musicals are all about the boys.

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Producers on Broadway and in Hollywood have always sought "stars" to draw customers. These are stars!

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Prince of Broadway is all about the shows produced and directed by Harold Prince - for the past 60 years!

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Many Broadway Musicals are based on real, events, history, disasters, heroes, villains and politics. Here are some of them.

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Lots of rain, storms, and sun, but how about Noah in the flood or Dorothy in a tornado? Broadway musicals got 'em.

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Caption: On Broadway!
A look at the two big ones: Best Musical, Dear Evan Hansen and Best Revival of a Musical, Hello, Dolly! Plus former "bests" in those categories, ma...

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Lots of Broadway musicals have included children. In some, the children are what the show is all about.

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They were called musical comedies before they were called musicals. For good reason the comic side of Broadway always makes us laugh.

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Caption: Four 2017 Tony Nominated Musicals
An in-depth look at four 2017 Tony Nominated musicals: Hello Dolly, Falsettos, Groundhog Day, and Come From Away. Plus, a preview of London's Dream...

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On this edition of Broadway Bound we devote the entire second hour to the incredible true story in the new musical Come From Away. In hour 1 we enj...

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Many a Broadway song asks a question. This show is all questions.

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Caption: Glenn Close as Norma
The revival of 1994's Sunset Boulevard with Glenn Close reprising her starring role is worth celebrating along with three other Andrew Lloyd Weber ...

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New York City was a mess in the 1980's. Broadway attendance plummeted. Some predicted the end of the American Musical. In spite of all that, a few ...

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A run on Broadway can be a matter of days, or years or decades. The list keeps changing as some musicals continue their runs and others close. Here...

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Caption: Debbie Reynolds & 2017 Broadway
With the passing of Debbie Reynolds we pay tribute to the singing, dancing actress. Also in store is a look at 2017 and what's on the Broadway hori...

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