The Short So Long

Series produced by This Land Press

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The Short So Long offers people the chance to share stories about those who have passed away.

The series includes stories about an artist's imprint on the lives he left behind and a dancer's ability to defy the limits of age on vitality and beauty.

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JJ Cale was best known for writing hits for Eric Clapton and Waylon Jennings. Neil Young famously called him one of the two best electric guitar pl...

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Oklahoma City native Anthony Shadid died of an asthma attack earlier this year while on assignment for The New York Times. Shadid worked as a forei...

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Joanne Hearst-Castro, the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, passed away in late 2011. Hearst-Castro was a resident of Tulsa and maintained ...

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In this segment, we bid a fond farewell to Joe Brainard, an acclaimed artist raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We'll hear a communal reading of his poem "...

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Caption: Photo courtesy Jim Chlebda
Jim Chlebda talks to us about his close friend Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel, a prolific poet and writer who, with her family, left Oklahoma for Califor...

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Caption: The Brady Mansion, Credit: Beryl Ford Collection, Tulsa City-County Library
Tim Lannom loved big houses and historic houses. He owned multiple properties around Tulsa and spent his time restoring and renovating them with th...

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Catherine Margaret "Skilly" Forsman had a beautiful body. She earned it dancing, which she began shortly after popping out of the womb. Skilly, bor...

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Caption: Scott Raffe, Credit: Scott Raffe
Scott Raffe is known around the world for his fine art photographs of Circus Flora and Zoppe, an Italian Family Circus. A Chicago native, Raffe fel...

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