Milk and Honey

Series produced by This Land Press

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Milk and Honey features stories from Oklahoma's farmers and ranchers.

The series includes stories about the tight living quarters of pigs raised in the commercial pork industry and one rancher's mission to save the endangered Spanish Mustang in the mountains of southeastern Oklahoma.

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Emily Oakley brought Mike Appel to her native Oklahoma to start Three Springs Farm, an organic vegetable farm, in Oaks, Oklahoma. The two met in an...

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A little over a year ago, three friends confronted their meat eating ways by participating in a field dressing class put on by Women in the Outdoor...

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Kris Gosney and her husband were like most of their neighbors in northwestern Oklahoma: conventional farmers relying heavily on chemicals to produc...

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Rufus Newsome knows what it's like to be poor and hungry and dependent on the land. Growing up in Sunflower County, Mississippi, he chopped weeds o...

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When Jeff Emerson started buying cattle in the early 1990's he was paying as much as $5,000 dollars a head when other farmers were only spending a ...

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Commercial pig farms have a reputation for their smell, but Stephen Green was more troubled by the sound of all those pigs, confined in quarters so...

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