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Poets and Troubadours is a weekly two-hour showcase of the great singer/songwriters of our time...and some of the lesser known ones. Join hosts Ray White and Scott White for salutes to Bob Dylan, Gordon Lighfoot, The Byrds, Judy Collins, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and a holy host of others.

In alternating weeks the brothers present theme shows, such as Movie Songs, Tired of Being Told What To Do Songs, Weather Songs, and more. You’ll also hear the stories behind the songs and artists, and classic comedy songs and bits. It’s two hours of fun, information, and memories. On Poets and Troubadours, the music speaks for itself!

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Caption: The Troubadour, Credit: Herbert Johnson Harvey, The University of Michigan Museum of Art
Our second hour is the artist highlight hour. In this piece we salute one of Canada’s national treasures, Gordon Lightfoot. Hear “Don Quixote,” “E...

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