Poets of the Tabloid Murder

Series produced by Steven Nester

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Not your father's mystery author interview show.

"Poets of the Tabloid Murder" brings you new and cutting edge crime writers as well as some of the more venerable authors on the scene. In production since 1998 "Poets of the Tabloid Murder" may also be heard from time to time on 93.5 KRTS Marfa Public Radio.

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The author of seventeen novels, Parker lives in Southern California.

  • Added: Jan 04, 2011
  • Length: 30:12
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Scott Montgomery is a fiction writer and crime novel taste-maker, and bookseller in Austin, Texas.

  • Added: Dec 13, 2010
  • Length: 28:46
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C.S. Graham is the pseudonym of writing team Steven Harris and Candice Proctor.

  • Added: Dec 10, 2010
  • Length: 28:37
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Megan Abbott is an Edgar Award winning novelist."Bury Me Deep" is her fourth book.

  • Added: Dec 02, 2010
  • Length: 28:55
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Grant Jerkins is a writer and bookseller in Georgia.

  • Added: Nov 24, 2010
  • Length: 29:40
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Yunte Huang is a professor of literature at UC at Santa Barbara.

  • Added: Sep 21, 2010
  • Length: 22:26
Piece image
Douglas Perry is journalist and editor who lives in Portland, Oregon.

  • Added: Sep 16, 2010
  • Length: 27:49
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Jerry Stahl is a novelist, essayist, and screenwriter living in Los Angeles.

  • Added: Jul 12, 2010
  • Length: 31:22
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Deborah Schupack is a novelist living New York.

  • Added: Jul 11, 2010
  • Length: 28:15
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Tim Dorsey lives in Florida and is busy writing his 13th Serge A. Storms novel.

  • Added: Feb 24, 2010
  • Length: 29:16
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A native of North Texas, Deborah Crombie is busy writing her fourteenth Kincaid/James novel.

  • Added: Jan 20, 2010
  • Length: 29:50
Piece image
Lou Berney is an accomplished writer, teacher, and liar. He has written feature screenplays and created TV pilots for, among others, Warner Brother...

  • Added: Jan 17, 2010
  • Length: 26:33
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Jonny Porkpie is a novelist, burlesque impressario, and the self-proclaimed Burlesque Mayor of New York. He is married to the burlesque artist Na...

  • Added: Dec 13, 2009
  • Length: 29:21
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Charles Ardai is a writer, publisher, and entrepreneur.

  • Added: Dec 09, 2009
  • Length: 28:32
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Victor Gischler is a writer living in Baton Rouge.

  • Added: Nov 24, 2009
  • Length: 30:15
Piece image
A novelist and widely published journalist, Todd Goldberg is also Administrative Director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing and Writing for th...

  • Added: Sep 24, 2009
  • Length: 30:34
Piece image
Norman Green has been, at various times, a truck driver, a construction worker, a project engineer, a factory rep, and a plant engineer, but never,...

  • Added: Sep 23, 2009
  • Length: 28:58
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Bill Fitzhugh writes satiric crime novels, the occasional comic mystery, and a weekly show for the Deep Tracks channel of XM Satellite Radio.

  • Added: Sep 23, 2009
  • Length: 28:59
Piece image
James Siegel is a thriller novelist and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of BBDO New York.

  • Added: Sep 23, 2009
  • Length: 01:00:25
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Author Marilyn Johnson hs written the obituaries for Katharine Hepburn, Princess Diana, Jackie Onassis, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, and Marlon Brando fo...

  • Added: Sep 23, 2009
  • Length: 28:52