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Playlist: Eric Crittenden's Portfolio

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Critt's Juke Joint - Sample Show

From Eric Crittenden | 59:20

Critt's Juke Joint w/Eric Crittenden taped live June 09, 2009: Featuring interview of Jeff Garbacz (garbaz.com), cutting edge concert visual artist for the Jam Band scene's elite.

Play list:
Sabotage-Beastie Boys
The Chicken-Critts Juke Joint featuring Bonerama and Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Cut the Cake-Average White Band
What I got *uncensored!!* -Sublime
Spanish Key-Miles Davis

Cj2_prx_small Critt's Juke Joint is about real music, progressive culture and engaging conversation.

Saxophonist-Keyboardist-Entertainer Eric “Critt” Crittenden is heralded as “On the Corner Era-Miles Davis” (Buffalo News) and Critt’s Juke Joint gives you all that and more. Both a live show and an NPR affiliate WBFO radio show, Critt’s Juke Joint brings jazz back home by pushing it forward. It incorporates the world’s best musicians, hip-hop artists and DJs and infuses them with Buffalo-bred jazz, funk and soul. It’s a funky good time ala-Critt, in that old-skool Juke Joint way!

This show features an interview with Jeff Garbacz. Jeff Garbacz is the "go-to" guy for concert visuals in the super popular Jam Band scene. He as worked all over the world and with the biggest Jam Bands and some pretty well-known Main Stream cats. More on Jeff here : www.garbaz.com

This interview takes place intermittanly infused with great music from the Beastie Boys, Critt's Juke Joint featuring Bonerama and Droity Dozen Brass Band, Average White Band, Sublime and Miles Davis.

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