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Classical Guitar Alive! (Series)

Produced by Tony Morris

Most recent piece in this series:

19-33 Music In Medicine, Dr. Mariam Renno-Boccali Interview

From Tony Morris | Part of the Classical Guitar Alive! series | 58:57


FR: Tony Morris

DT: August 14, 2019

RE: ***** CLASSICAL GUITAR ALIVE!  19-33 Music In Medicine: Dr. Mariam Renno-Boccali Interview


In Cue:  MUSIC IN  “Hello and welcome to…”

Out Cue: MUSIC IN “…another edition of Classical Guitar Alive!”

Program Length: 58:57



  Bizet: Prelude                                        Los Romeros, guitars

                                                                 (Philips 412-609)


 Emilio Pujol: Seguidilla                           Mariam Renno-Boccali, guitar

                                                                 (GS 2003)


 Interview: Mariam Renno-Boccali: “Oh, twenty years, medical doctor…  … two days a week as a doctor now.”


 Weiss: Badinage                                 Mariam Renno-Boccali, guitar

                                                                 (GS 2003)


 Maximo Diego Pujol: Luminosa Buenos Aires   Giampolo Bandini, guitar

                                                                            Caesare Chiacchiaretta, bandoneon

                                                                             I Musici di Parma


Interview: Mariam Renno-Boccali: “It’s a beautiful adventure…   … when there is a need, a medical device, breast prosthesis, the next concert is for a children’s home in Africa, and then I play. I think it’s beautiful to play music for that.”


 Rodrigo: Zapateado                               Mariam Renno-Boccali, guitar

                                                                 (GS 2003)


 Armand Coeck: Cantorus Angelorum, Fantasia   Wouter Vercruysee, cello

                                                                              Joris D’Haene, Micheline Dumortier, guitars

                                                                 (Auurk 700261984834)


Interview: Mariam Renno-Boccali: “I had the chance to go to …  … not only guitar lesson, but lessons for life, too.”


 Emilio Pujol: Guajira                                Mariam Renno-Boccali, guitar

                                                                 (GS 2003)


 Eddie Healy: 60 Seconds                        Eddie Healy, guitar trio

                                                                 (Eddie Healy 2012)


 Interview: Mariam Renno-Boccali:”Thank you for letting me share this moment…  … I’m grateful to be a guitarist.”


  Antonio Grande: Tarantella                   Mariam Renno-Boccali, guitar

                                                                 (GS 2003)






The Classical Guitar Alive nonprofit organization, (which produces this Classical Guitar Alive! internationally-distributed radio program), also administers its Music In Medicine program, which presents classical music performance in hospitals and hospices. This weeks’ radio program features an interview with medical doctor Mariam Renno-Boccali, who is also a concert guitarist and international guitar competition prize winner. Dr. Mariam Renno-Boccali, discusses her life in music and medicine, and her association Concert for Cancer, which promotes music in hospitals.


Classical Guitar Alive! celebrates 21 years of national distribution, airing each week on over 200 stations, and is free to all stations. FUNDRAISER EDITION of Classical Guitar Alive! is available here, no carriage fee: http://www.prx.org/pieces/187790-fundraiser-editio


CGA! is a winner at PRX's 13th Annual Zeitfunk Awards: #1 Most Licensed Producer, and #2 Most Licensed Series