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Playlist: Milly Perez's Portfolio

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Global Village with Chris Heim (Series)

Produced by KMUW

Most recent piece in this series:

Global Village at the Savannah Music Festival/January '19 Bombino 1.28.19 or floating date

From KMUW | Part of the Global Village with Chris Heim series | 57:00

Globalvillagelogog3web_small SPECIAL: The final Monday of every month, we present Global Village at the Savannah Music Festival, a monthly concert series showcasing top world music artists and groups who have appeared at the prestigious annual festival that takes place each spring in Savannah, Georgia. This time, in conjunction with the January Best of 2018 feature, it’s one of the artists on this year’s Global Village list of favorites, Bombino. The acclaimed guitarist, dubbed the ‘Sultan of Shred’ by the New York Times, has attracted international attention for his distinctive modern approach to the hypnotic Tuareg or ‘desert blues’ music, work with members of the Black Keys and Rolling Stones, and series of albums, including 2018’s Deran, that have topped the world music charts.