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The Cohabit

From Randy Scott Carroll | 45:27

What does it take to live together? By blending a fictional romantic drama with a nonfictional documentary, The Cohabit is a fresh look at the rising phenomenon of couples that live together outside of marriage and what that says about the future of relationships.

Img_2593_small "It's beautifully mixed and very intimate. The use of tape is very clever and the topic is right on point. Plus, the website is gorgeous." - Manoush Zomorodi

The Cohabit blends a fictional romantic drama with a nonfictional documentary that takes a look at how the romantic landscape is changing. Specifically, it focuses on couples that live together outside of traditional marriage. The pilot episode the gives a general overview of cohabitation which has increased 1500% in a few decades and takes a deeper look into how gay marriage might be having a different sort of effect. It features several experts and special guests including Ann Friedman, host of the podcast 
Call Your Girlfriend, and Lianna Carrera, writer, actor and executive producer of Boyish. For the romantic drama, our main character is left with a box of cassette tapes recorded by his former lover from a time when they lived together. Throughout the episode, the character takes the audience through the relationship to find out what happened.