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Playlist: Robert Prince's Portfolio

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Earthquake! Part 1

From Robert Prince | Part of the Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska series | 29:01

One man witnessed the 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake and recorded the incredible things he saw onto a cassette tape shortly thereafter to mail to family in the Lower 48. Part One of a two part series.

Dwnpodcastimage_small Jay Grimes was driving with his family to Seward, Alaska in 1964 when the road began to shake and crumble underneath them.  He went on to race into Seward alone to try and save his in-laws from the disaster unfolding in that coastal town.  A few months later he recorded all of his experiences onto a cassette tape.  In this first episode of a two part series on the devastating earthquake, we hear Mr. Grimes describe the destruction while it is still fresh in his mind.