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Have A Major League Day ! Credit:  Maya Seligman
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Have A Major League Day !

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Get Behind Me, Now Stay There - Episode 23

From Get Behind Me , Now Stay There | Part of the Get Behind Me, Now Stay There series | 58:01

The Art and Entertainment News That You Want To Know!

Featuring Author Jeannie Kerrigan and Musician Jonathan Taylor.


The Art and Entertainment News That You Want To Know!
Interviews with Authors, Musicians, Artists, Poets, Or Maybe Just The Guy Down The Street !!!

Episode 23

Jeannie Kerrigan:

Author Jeannie Kerrigan pulled the story of Layla from the marrow of her bones and the structure of her cells. It is the true life story of her journey through physical and sexual abuse, rape, abduction, drug addiction, stripping, prostitution, death and more death, and it is an account of the human journey between dualities—light and dark, broken and whole, hell and heaven, fear and absolute love. At Layla’s core are ancient wisdom teachings and experiences of earth-based quantum healing through indigenous spirituality, most specifically Native American Ceremony, and an understanding of Taku Wakahn Skan Skan, “ever sacred always moving energy.” She tells us her story very uplifting story of the 
Power of Resilience

Jonathan Taylor:

Taylor notes with a smile, “At 15 when I bought my first guitar and amp for 75 pounds, my mother said it was a complete waste of money.” Although it’s left unsaid, one gets the feeling she’s probably still eating her words today. Since then, his reviewers have been somewhat more generous. It’s been said he is the possessor of a ‘marvelous dusty, dusky voice full of resonance and beauty’ by local press and a ‘real talent’ by the British Politician Tony Benn, while fans continue to liken him to Don Mclean, Neil Young or Leonard Cohen. We caught up with Jonathan in Bulgaria for a truly fun interview you'll want to hear this one.   

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